Estonia begins largest naval exercises in its history

The Mere-Siil (Sea Urchin) 2018 naval exercises, the largest in the history of Estonia began in Tallinn’s Mine Harbor. According to the press service of the Estonian Defense Forces Command, the activities of the naval command structures will be worked out and the reservists will undergo training during these exercises.

Navy Commander Captain Yuri Saska explained that navy training on such a large scale had not been conducted for twenty-five years. He said that it would start with gathering and forming the units and then proceed with specialty training for conscripts.

About 200 reservists, regular military personnel, conscripts and representatives of the militarized volunteer organization Kaitseliit will take part in the maneuvers until September 27. Representatives of the Police and Border Guard Department, the Maritime Administration and the Government Office will also participate.

  Estonia, Mere-Siil