President Dodon intends to punish officials that favor the unification of Moldova and Romania

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon is convening an emergency meeting of the Supreme Security Council where he wants to punish the local public administration counselors that signed the symbolic "declarations on Moldova's Union with Romania," Ukrinform reports.

"The actions of local counselors take place against the background of the unprecedented campaign aimed at undermining the statehood, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova. These campaigns are conducted by representatives of local authorities, the so-called unionist forces that advocate the unification of Moldova and Romania," the Moldovan leader noted.

According to the Moldovan President, local counselors of seven localities have signed the so-called declarations on the unification, demonstrating anti-constitutional and anti-national character of their actions.

In addition, Dodon demanded that the government and parliament, Information and Security Services, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other security forces take appropriate measures and punish the officials who are opposing the statehood of Moldova.

This latest unionist sentiment comes in the wake of unification plans of a sort, when last December it was reported that €270 million would be allocated to finance the interconnection between the electrical networks of Moldova and Romania.

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