Russian oligarch Deripaska expresses disappointment over sanctions imposed on him

Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who was recently placed on the expanded U.S. Department of Treasury sanction list, called the decision “ungrounded”, the Interfax news agency reports.

“The events that happened yesterday were unpleasant but not unexpected,” Deripaska said. “The reasons for my inclusion on the sanction list are unjustified, ridiculous and downrightly absurd.”

The oligarch refused to provide lengthier comments on the situation, noting that currently he “was preparing to celebrate the Holy Easter, which is celebrated by all Orthodox Christians this Sunday.”

Forbes estimated that Deripaska’s net worth has decreased by USD 957 million and is now USD 5.3 billion, following the imposed sanctions on April 6. This depreciation of fortune resulted from a sharp decline in the value of company shares controlled by Deripaska. Other Russian tycoons who felt an impact from the new sanctions were Suleyman Kerimov, whose fortune was reduced by USD 244 million to USD 6.6 billion, and Viktor Vekselberg, who lost USD 41 million when his net worth was reduced to USD 14.6 billion.

The United States recently expanded the anti-Russian sanction list against 26 new individuals and 15 legal entities.

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