Denmark to transfer entire artillery arsenal to Ukraine

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has announced that the Danish government intends to transfer the country's entire artillery arsenal to Ukraine. During her address at the 7th Ukrainian Lunch in Munich, she emphasized the significance of such support and called on other European nations to likewise provide Ukraine with any unused military equipment.

"European leaders often speak of problems with arms production, citing them as reasons preventing the increase of aid deliveries to Ukraine. However, now they are establishing new defense enterprises with a future in mind," she stressed while participating in a panel discussion alongside leaders from five European countries.

The head of the Danish government also underscored the need expressed at the Munich Security Conference for the immediate transfer of the required types of arms to Ukraine.

"We, Denmark, have decided to transfer all of our artillery to Ukraine. We have weapons, ammunition, and anti-aircraft systems that we currently do not use. So, sorry, but the issue is not just about production. There is still military equipment in Europe that should be transferred to Ukraine," she stated.

Frederiksen also highlighted that Europeans should not wait for a resolution of the crisis in obtaining funding for arms supplies from the United States to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Europe must protect itself, as this is a war on our continent," she reminded.

On February 8, Josep Borrell, the EU's High Representative, said that the EU member countries should halt export contracts to other states not engaged in a war. This would be the optimal choice for rapidly increasing supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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