Chelsea F.C. freezes the construction of the new stadium after Abramovich's departure

The Chelsea Soccer Club, owned by Russian oligarch Abramovich, halted indefinitely the construction of its new Stamford Bridge Stadium in London. The official reason was an "unfavorable investment climate" but the club announced the extension of project's terms after Abramovich failed to get a UK visa.

The stadium worth 500 million pounds was to be commissioned in 2022. It was to be built on the site of the old stadium, which was scheduled for demolition. The new stadium would have an increased capacity of sixty thousand seats compared to its current 41,631 seats.

As reported earlier, Abramovich managed to get Israeli citizenship, allowing him to enter the UK without a visa. However, under the rules, the oligarch would not be able stay in London for more than six months at a time and he shall not have the right to work during his stay.

  Roman Abramovich, Chelsea F.C., UK visa