Canada ready to expand sanctions against Russia

Canada is ready to impose additional sanctions against the Kremlin supporters and increase pressure on Russia if needed, as stated in the response of the Canadian government to the recently published report of the Federal Parliament’s Standing Committee on National Defense, Ukrinform reports.

"The government of Canada is ready to impose additional sanctions that will be required to maintain pressure on Russia. Canada decides on sanctions in close cooperation with international partners and allies, including the G7, NATO and the EU,” the document says.

The Canadian government noted that more than 300 Russian and Ukrainian individuals and entities are now subject to Canadian sanctions. "These measures will remain in force until they are lifted, and their duration is directly linked to Russia’s full implementation of the obligations in accordance with the Minsk agreements, and also respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the government stated.

As earlier reported, according to the US State Department, the Russian defense sector lost $3 billion in potential revenues because of sanctions.

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