Bulgaria extradites to the US Russian citizen accused of internet fraud

Another Russian, Alexander Zhukov, accused of internet fraud has been extradited to the US. 

Zhukov, known by the nickname Nastra, lived in Petersburg and was detained in Bulgaria. He is currently detained in one of New York’s remand prisons. “[Russian] consular staff in New York are going to visit a compatriot in prison soon,” Russian Embassy reported. 

Last autumn, Washington accused Zhukov of committing internet advertising fraud in the amount of $7 million dollars. Arrests in this case were also carried out in Estonia and Malaysia. Citizens of Kazakhstan, Evgeny Timchenko and Sergey Ovsianikov were arrested there. US authorities are still searching for other Russian citizens: Boris Timokhin, Dmitry Novikov, Alexander Isayev and Mikhail Andreev.

  Russia, USA, Bulgaria