Budanov: Ukraine is preparing a new special operation in Crimea

The head of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR), Kyrylo Budanov, has stated that the combat missions by GUR representatives in the Black Sea and the occupied Crimea constitutes special measures to prepare for a significant operation on the peninsula. It also sends a clear signal to the population that, after ten years living under the occupation, they are not forgotten, said Budanov in a documentary titled “War for the Sea: From Dnipro to Crimea”.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that the documentary's premiere screening was broadcast on March 10 during a national news marathon. In the program, the country's chief intelligence officer spoke about the importance of executing combat missions, including those in Crimea and the Black Sea.

"These activities are preparations for a serious operation in Crimea. They also allow us to verify the accuracy of our statements regarding routes of entry and exit. Moreover, these actions are a powerful message to the people who, after ten years of living under occupation, may have started to feel abandoned," Budanov explained.

Furthermore, GUR operatives detailed their maritime warfare efforts throughout 2022-2023. They participated in planning and executing combat missions guided by a single strategic concept. For instance, last summer, the Shaman special unit took advantage of Russian forces' inattention and crossed over to the left bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast.

"We see that the enemy has not fully grasped the actual situation. Using boats, we landed in the enemy's interpositional space on their territory. Intense clashes with the occupiers' observation posts quickly followed. Some of them were completely destroyed, or the personnel were captured," said the leader of the special unit, who goes by the call sign "Shaman".

Last July, according to GUR, the Timur special unit managed to regain control over the "Ukraine" oil and gas platform, also known as one of the "Boyko rigs." Subsequently, they participated in the Crimean operation "Awakening of the Force."

GUR representatives stated that the responsibility of destroying enemy ships lies with the operatives of Group 13. Each such mission requires thorough preparation. "We know precisely how to maneuver, from which side and at what angle to approach. Before attacking, we carefully assess a myriad of factors. We then begin to search for the target. Once spotted, the ships take a tactical position and launch a simultaneous attack," said the unit commander with the call sign "Thirteen”.

The Ukrainian Navy earlier assessed the special operation to recapture the "Boyko rigs", notably resulting in the loss of Russia’s ability to conduct thorough reconnaissance in the Black Sea.

Additionally, GUR head Kyrylo Budanov commented on Ukraine's displacement of Russians from the Black Sea, noting that its northern part is now under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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