British Defense Secretary : Russia has committed 97 percent of its army to war against Ukraine

Almost the entire Russian army is currently involved in the war against Ukraine, said on the air of BBC Radio 4 British Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace.

Speaking about Russia’s offensive, Wallace said that Russia could not "punch through" Ukraine's defences, and that 97% of its army was estimated to be in Ukraine

"We now estimate 97 per cent of the whole Russian army is in Ukraine and to put that in perspective that means that those tens of thousands of miles of border Russians have with obviously China, with Norway, with Finland, imagine all those people are stuck now in Ukraine suffering very high levels of casualties," the British Defense Secretary said.

“The offensive they planned is gradually proceeding. But it’s not the one they expected to have”, Wallace added.

The British Defense Secretary noted that the combat capability of the Russian troops was reduced by 40%, and almost two-thirds of the Russian tanks were destroyed or broken.

"I think what Russia is doing in trying to advance, it's doing in a sort of human way, almost First World War levels of attrition and with success rates of a matter of metres rather than kilometres," Wallace pointed out.

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