Belarus deploys missile division to Polish and Lithuanian border

The head of the Belarusian Defense Ministry Viktor Khrenin announced the start of large-scale tactical exercises in the Grodno region, near the border with Poland.

According to the Telegram channel VESTI, Alexander Lukashenko will personally monitor the course of the exercises.

Meanwhile, REN TV, citing the press service of the Belarusian Defense Ministry, reports that Minsk has decided to strengthen the military group on the border with Poland and Lithuania.

The missile division, air defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic reconnaissance and electronic warfare equipment will be sent to the region.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense has already informed the attachés of Lithuania and Poland about military exercises, which are taking place from August 17 to 20 in the republic.

Earlier, after a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko ordered to put troops on alert on the western borders of Belarus. According to official data, Minsk is afraid of provocations by NATO.

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said that Lukashenko's statements about preparations for the invasion of Belarus are groundless.

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