Azov Brigade advances in Luhansk's Serebryansky Forest

In the Serebryansky forestry area of Luhansk region, the 12th Special Purpose Brigade Azov and the 1st Operational Brigade Bureviy of Ukraine's National Guard have driven the Russians out of their positions by one kilometer inwards and advanced two kilometers along the front. According to Azov's press service, this occurred on April 21.

The brigade's statement urged media outlets and the public not to create "information noise." Additionally, Azov emphasized that details concerning the movements of Ukrainian forces should not be shared without official confirmation from their media services.

The White House recently lifted the ban on arms supplies to the Azov Battalion. The restrictions had been in place for nine years following a misinformation campaign in 2015, which falsely claimed that the military units held "neo-Nazi and racist views and violated humanitarian law."

Additionally, on May 2, Nazar Voloshin, the spokesman for the Khortytsia operational-strategic group, reported that Ukrainian Forces had improved their tactical position in the Serebryansky forestry area.

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