Assad's army clashes with Turkish troops in northeastern Syria

Syrian government forces fiercely clashed with Turkish troops in Tal al-Ward village in Ras al-Ain countryside close to the Syrian-Turkish border, reports Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), citing its correspondent.

According to SANA, the clashes occurred when the Turks and Pro-Turkish Syrian units targeted with artillery shells the settlement of Tal Tamr. There is no official confirmation of this information.

Earlier, it was reported about the clash of Turkish and Syrian troops in North-Eastern Syria. However, the Russian Defense Ministry denied these reports.

In October, the Turkish Armed Forces launched a military operation in Northern Syria against Kurdish armed groups. The operation is currently suspended. Ankara, in coordination with Washington, allowed the Kurds to leave the security zone and to move 30 kilometers away from the border. Russian Military Police, together with Syrian Armed Forces, monitor the troops' withdrawal. Earlier, Russia announced that the Kurds had left the security zone. Ankara stated that it reserves the right to attack the Kurds if they approach the border.

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