Assad calls on Kurds to join forces against ‘Turkish invasion’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with RIA Novosti that he repeatedly offered the Kurds to join forces to fight the "Turkish invaders."

According to him, for the first time, such a proposal was made after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding Between Turkey and Russia on October 22. Then the Kurds replied that "they are not ready to join the Syrian army."

"We are still working to convince the Kurdish forces that joining the Syrian army and fighting against the Turkish invaders is the right and correct position," said Assad.

In turn, the Representative of the Kurdish diaspora based in Russia, Javed Muhammad, said in an interview with Russian National News Service that the Kurds are ready to unite, but not on the terms offered by the Syrian government.

"We are ready to fight together against Turkish aggression. But we propose to develop a system that will allow Syria to accept us not one by one but as a whole organization. Syria should make a reasonable offer on cooperation, and there should be mutual respect," said Muhammad.

He explained that at this stage, the Syrian President demands to dissolve the Kurdish community, and all its members should come to him "for pardon" one by one.

"We have been fighting ISIS terrorist face to face for five years, and we are fighting against Turkish aggression as well. So far, our victories have been achieved with the help, support, and money of the United States," said Muhammad.

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