Another Russian soldier killed in Syria

Alexander Yagofarov, who died in Syria, was buried in the Russian city of Orenburg on August 27.

As reported by, the soldier’s body arrived in Orenburg on Saturday August 26. He was posthumously awarded several state decorations.

The deceased frequently went to the “hot spots”, but he himself had said that the trip to Syria was supposed to be his last. He told his loved ones that he would return sometime after the 20th of August, close to the 25th.

Only a little is known about how the citizen of Orenburg died. His loved ones reported that the car he was in blew up on a landmine on August 11.

The Conflict Intelligence Team said on Facebook that the deceased was more likely a mercenary in the Wagner Group.

“The large time interval between Alexander’s date of death and his burial (16 days), as well as the absence on his profile of photographs which somehow indicate service in the ranks of the Russian army, suggest that he was one of the mercenaries in the Wagner Group,” the post states.

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied the media’s reports that a Russian soldier died in Syria on August 11, Interfax reported.

“The information distributed by the independent media regarding the alleged death of a Russian soldier in Syria on August 11 does not correspond to reality,” the Russian military department stated on Monday.

The Defense Ministry commented that there had been no casualties among the Russian military personnel during the current period in Syrian territory.

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