Russian ship with a drunken captain crashes into a bridge in South Korea

 Maritime Bulletin reported that on February 28th, the Russian Seagrand cargo ship crashed into a pillar of the Gwangan motorway bridge in the South Korean port of Busan.

According to the newspaper, the vessel was from the port in Vladivostok and brought a cargo of steel products weighing one and a half thousand tons to South Korea. The incident occurred after unloading in the port of Busan.

No one was injured, but the bridge and ship itself were severely damaged as a result of the collision. The condition of the ship and whether it can continue to operate is still unclear.

The Yonhap Korean news agency reported that before crashing into the bridge, the Seagrand also slightly collided with a cruise ship moored in port.

Experts believe that the ship for some reason lost control, and journalists of the South Korean newspaper Korea Herald report that Seagrand captain was drunk; specifically, the police found him in this condition.

The Russian embassy in South Korea has not yet commented on the incident. The ship was built in 1986; its displacement is 6 thousand tons.

  Russia, South Korea