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  • Moscow and Kiev Disagree On Sequence of Proposed Peace Plan in Donbas

    Boris Gryzlov, the representative of Russia in the Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in the Donbass visited Kiev. Unfortunately, Gryzlov’s visit yielded no results. There remain serious differences in opinions between Moscow and Kiev about the how the war should end. This information was relayed by Apostrophe from a source in one of the European observation missions in Ukraine.

    According to the source, Gryzlov has brought President Vladimir Putin's proposal to Kiev. …

  • Two Czech Deputies Visit Donetsk, Spark Outrage

    On January 14th, two Deputies, Communists of the Czech Republic, Zdenek Ondracek and Stanislav Markovic travelled from Russian Federation territory to an area in Donetsk controlled by illegal armed groups.

    The Foreign Ministry released a statement on Friday that expressed its vehement protest at the illegal entry of the two Czechs into the territory of Ukraine as they visited the temporarily occupied Donetsk region. The Foreign Ministry pointed out that this trip was not coordinated with …

  • Pierre Richard to Visit Crimea

    Tickets to a show featuring Pierre Richard, a French actor and director, are being sold in Crimea. According to the advertisement, Richard will perform in a comedy called Pierre Richard III on February 10th in Simferopol at a local musical theater and on February 11th in Sevastopol, at the Officer’s Club of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

    There is no mention of any events taking place in annexed Crimea on the French actor’s official website. According to tour organizers, Richard will arrive in …