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  • Rasmussen: Trump's statements may push Russian government to test NATO's resolve

    The former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, believes that some of the claims of Donald Trump, a candidate for the President of the United States, that the United States will protect only those who invest 2% of GDP in defence may push the Russian government to attempt to test the resolve of NATO.

    "The Alliance could not exist without U.S. support for the protection of allies that are attacked. Therefore, the statement of Mr. Trump that the …

  • Campaign representative: Trump supports Ukraine, not Russia

    The U.S. presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, supports Ukraine and does not approve of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, according to his representative and former Governor of Maryland, Robert Elrich, Ukrinform news agency reported.

    "With respect to Ukraine, he [Trump] has officially declared that he is in support of Ukraine," the representative of the candidate said. He cited Trump, stating that the alliance between Ukraine and the U.S.A. is "very strong." "As …

  • Peskov: Putin is ready to meet with Trump in Russia

    The Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to meet with the candidates for U.S. President, Interfax reports.

    "I want you to note the words of President Vladimir Putin. He is ready to welcome and communicate with any candidate who advocates for the development of relations and dialogue between our two countries. Russia is looking for good relations, seeking cooperation. Accordingly, Moscow is willing to …

  • The Kremlin regrets that Russia is being used in the US presidential election

    The Kremlin regrets that Russia has become an “inseparable part of America’s election campaign”, Reuters reported, citing Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peksov.

    "Of course we would like our country to be mentioned only positively, but to our regret we know that the Russian card and mentioning our president have practically become an inseparable part of America's election campaign," Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

    On Tuesday, Republican nominee Donald Trump blamed Russia for the broken ceasefire …

  • McFaul is worried that Trump adviser will be appointed as US Ambassador to Russia

    There are fears in the US that one of Donald Trump’s advisors may become an official representative of the country. Trump is currently running for president as the official candidate of the Republican Party.

    “I would be worried if one of Trump’s advisers became our next ambassador to Russia,” the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, said to Politico newspaper.

    The diplomat went on to say that there is concern about “many statements made in relation to Russia”.

    The Republican …

  • Poroshenko: Trump's words on the Crimea are 'pre-election rhetoric'

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko believes that the words of the US Republican Party’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, regarding the Crimea are pre-election rhetoric. He was referring to Trump’s statements about possibly recognizing the Crimea as Russian territory. Poroshenko said this during an interview with CNN.

    “It is part of the pre-election rhetoric. The future president, no matter who it is, will be a very responsible person,” Poroshenko said.

    Trump has previously and …

  • Poll suggests only 10% of Americans are sympathetic towards Putin

    The majority of Americans, a total of 56%, are opposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deutsche Welle reported that this was determined by the results of a survey published on the 25th of September, which was conducted by the Associated Press agency in cooperation with the GfK.

    In addition, only one in ten of the respondents think of Putin favorably. A total of 24% of Americans believe that Putin has leadership qualities that an American president should also have. A total of 71% of the …

  • Newt Gingrich claims the US would sell weapons to Ukraine if Trump becomes president

    If Donald Trump is elected U.S. President, the issue on the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine could be unlocked and an option of arms sales with deferred payments could be offered, the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, stated in an interview with European Pravda. Gingrich made the assertion response to the question on how U.S. policy toward Ukraine will change in case of Trump’s victory.

    “We can say for sure that President Trump will unlock the issue on …

  • Rasmussen: A Trump victory would weaken Ukraine's position

    A victory by U.S. Republican Party candidate, Donald Trump, will weaken Ukraine’s position, as stated by an advisor to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, ex-NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in an interview with Apostrophe.

    "If Hillary Clinton were elected as President, I expect that she would exert pressure on Russia until it implements the Minsk Agreements. If Donald Trump is elected, I’m afraid it will weaken Ukraine’s position," Rasmussen stated.

    The advisor to the …

  • Biden reassures Baltic States of NATO's commitment to their defense

    The Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, guaranteed NATO’s assistance to the Presidents of the Baltic States. Biden urged them to not take the statements of the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, seriously.

    The Vice-President of the United States promised the Baltic States solid support as NATO partners. On the 23rd of August, Joe Biden stated at a meeting with the Presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, that Washington considers itself …