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  • Lavrov: Russia will respond to US sanctions

    Russia intends to respond to all unfriendly actions of the US, as stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov following a meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Manila, Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

    The representatives of the Russian Federation and the United States discussed the crisis in relations at the meeting. In this regard, Lavrov said that “the US bill on sanctions against Russia had become another link in a chain of steps that are unfriendly and dangerous to …

  • Human rights advocates demand sanctions to be imposed on those responsible for prosecution of Ukrainian activist Balukh

    The Crimean Human Rights Group considers the case against Vododymyr Balukh to be fabricated, and has demanded that FSB officers and all those involved in the case to be included in sanctions lists.

    A representative of the organization, Volodymyr Chekrygin, stated this during an interview with Radio Liberty.

    "And now, I would like to note that in the case of Volodymyr Balukh, we insist that all persons involved in the case are included in the sanctions lists; all, not only the FSB and court …

  • President Dodon asked Russia not to impose sanctions against Moldova

    Moldovan President Igor Dodon promised during a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin to support a strategic dialogue between the two countries. At the same time, Dodon appealed to Moscow with a request to refrain from sanctions after Rogozin was declared persona non grata in Moldova.

    The meeting between Dodon and Rogozin took place in Tehran. Initially, it was planned to be held in Chisinau on July 28, but Romania did not permit the plane carrying the Russian official …

  • Media: German economy is at risk due to new US sanctions against Russia

    Business owners in Germany are concerned about the possible consequences of the new US sanctions against Russia. If German companies lost their chance to participate in Russian gas pipelines expansion projects, the entire German economy could be at risk, says Volker Treier, the head of the Department for Foreign Economic Affairs of the Federal Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Germany, as quoted by DW.

    According to Treier, Germany expects to increase the country’s exports to …

  • Ukraine threatens German band Scooter with criminal punishment over their visit to Crimea

    Musicians from the German band, Scooter, face eight years in prison in Ukraine for visiting the Crimea, as reported on Friday by Hromadske, citing the Prosecutor's Office of the Crimea, located in Kyiv.

    According to the radio station, the Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal case under the Article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Violation of the order of entry and exit into the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine," which provides for imprisonment for up to eight years. Information …

  • EU imposes sanctions against the Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia and Russian partners of Siemens over supply of turbines to Crimea

    Russian Deputy Energy Minister Andrei Cherezov has been subject to EU sanctions in connection with the situation of the supply of Siemens turbines to the annexed Crimea, according to Council of the European Union materials published on August 4.

    Also included in the list are the head of Technopromexport, Sergei Topor-Gilka, and a department head at the Ministry of Energy, Evgeny Grabchak.

    Russian partners of Siemens, Technopromexport, Interavtomatika, and participants in the construction of …

  • Ukraine threatens Belarus with sanctions over export of goods to separatist-held territories of Donbas

    According to Ukrainian Ambassador to Belarus Igor Kizim, Belarusian companies supplying products to the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic) will be sanctioned.

    Belorusskie Novosti newspaper’s correspondent asked Kizim about the position of Ukrainian authorities regarding the deliveries of Belarusian products to the uncontrolled territories, while noting that Belarusian producers "sometimes do not hide that they directly work with Donetsk and Luhansk or supply …

  • Lithuania to investigate local companies doing business in Crimea

    The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement appealing to the Prosecutor General's Office in case of media reports about possible violations by some Lithuanian enterprises of the sanctions against Russia.

    "Lithuania consistently fulfills its obligations in accordance with EU Council Regulation No. 692/2014 from June 23, 2014 in implementing the restrictions that should be applied to the importation of goods of Crimean or Sevastopol origin into the European Union in response …

  • Kremlin: Russia will continue supplying rocket engines to the USA

    Russia still intends to continue supplying rocket engines to the United States, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in an interview on Russia-24 television channel.

    "Not only rocket engines. Their [the USA] narrative is very selective. They are trying not to disturb what they are interested in. They say: ‘Space is out of politics.’ We regard it as ‘Space is out of politics, but the morning sun never lasts a day,’ he said, answering a relevant question.

    The USA continues to …

  • Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin threatened sanctions against those who prevented him from visiting Moldova

    Russia is preparing sanctions against those involved in denying Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin entry into Romanian airspace. The incident prevented him from making a planned visit to Moldova, said Rogozin during an interview on channel Russia 24, reports TASS.

    "There will be an answer, of course. We will definitely establish who was behind these decisions in Chisinau, Bucharest, Budapest and Brussels. We will identify the persons who made these decisions. Our sanctions will be …