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  • Putin convenes Russian Security Council for an emergency meeting

    Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold an emergency meeting of the Russia Security Council.  According to Peskov, "this is a big Security Council meeting". "The president himself and other speakers will speak " at the meeting, Peskov said.

    Peskov did not provide the reason for convening the Security Council.

    "Also, the president has several international telephone conversations today," said Peskov.

    "In recent days, the situation in the Donbass has escalated - Kyiv ignores the agreements, …

  • Russia to hold exercises of its nuclear forces

    On February 19, the Russian Armed Forces will conduct exercises of of the "nuclear triad" (strategic aviation, intercontinental ballistic missiles and missile submarines) under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, reports the Russian news agency TASS.

    "During the exercises, ballistic and cruise missiles will be launched," the Russian Defense Ministry said. The exercises will involve the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, the forces of the Southern Military District, the …

  • Putin refuses to guarantee withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian border

    No one knows how Russia will continue to act on the border with Ukraine, said Russian President Vladimir Putin after talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the Kremlin.

    "How Russia will act further? According to the plan. And what will it consist of? It will be based on the real situation on the ground. Who can answer how this situation is going to develop? So far, no one," Putin said at a joint press conference with Scholz.

    "It depends not only on us," he said, answering the question …

  • Russian parliament calls on Putin to recognize self-proclaimed Donbas republics

    Deputies of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, adopted a resolution calling on the Russian President to recognize the independence of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's republics. During a vote on Tuesday, February 15, the Russian MPs approved the declaration prepared by the Russian Communist Party, which is expected to be sent directly to Vladimir Putin. 351 deputies voted in favor for the declaration, 16 were against and one abstained.

    The deputies also considered a …

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refuses to take Russian PCR test before meeting with Putin

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz refused to take the PCR test offered by the Russian side before a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports Deutsche Welle.

    Scholz decided to do the PCR test necessary for admission to the Kremlin with a German doctor at the German Embassy in Moscow. The Chancellor's spokesperson reported that representatives of the Russian medical authorities were invited to attend Scholz's testing.

    The PCR kit needed for the test was brought from Germany. Even …

  • Kremlin: Macron refused to take PCR test before meeting with Putin

    French President Emmanuel Macron refused to take a PCR test before talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the Russian presidential speaker Dmitry Peskov.

    "Probably, it is necessary to clarify, because it causes great interest. Indeed, in some situations, Putin communicates with his guests directly, very close, sitting in front of the fireplace in the representative office. They shake hands and so on, and with other negotiations take place at the table," Peskov said at a press …

  • Putin: NATO may be drawn into a nuclear war if Ukraine joins the Alliance

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if Ukraine joins NATO, the other NATO countries may find themselves embroiled in a military conflict with one of the leading nuclear powers – Russia.

    "If Ukraine joins NATO and militarily regains control over Crimea, European countries will automatically be drawn into a military conflict with Russia," Putin said at a press conference after the talks with French president Emmanuel Macron.

    At the same time, Putin admitted that the military potentials …

  • Macron: ‘progress was achieved’ during talks with Zelensky and Putin

    French President Emmanuel Macron said that during his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he managed to "achieve some progress to move towards the security of the region."

    "During the discussions that we held with Presidents Putin and Zelensky, we were able to achieve some progress in order to, so to speak, move towards the security of the region. We should not engage in any unilateral formats, but we should come up with exactly …

  • China cuts down Putin’s delegation to Olympics

    The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China, which will coincide with the Olympic games in Beijing, will be held without a large "retinue".

    Due to coronavirus restrictions, China reduced Putin's delegation from 20-25 people to six, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov told RIA Novosti.

    The head of the Russian gas giant Gazprom was among those who were expected to go to China but will not be included in the delegation. Miller will not accompany Putin, despite plans to sign a "very solid", …

  • Russia’s population decline reaches unprecedented levels

    Russia continues to fall into the demographic abyss, losing population at a rate not seen since World War II.

    “At the end of 2021, the natural population decline exceeded one million people. And this is a consequence of the underfunding of the national health care system, “ said deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Alexey Kurinny told OSN Media.

    "In terms of demographic and health indicators, the Russian Federation is somewhere at the level of African countries. …