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  • Kurdish tankers on Russian videos.

    Kurdish officials: Oil tankers on the Russian videos belonged to us

    Iraqi Kurds said that the tankers shown on the videos provided by the Russian Ministry of Defence are of their own property, Turkish newspaper the “Daily Sabah reported.

    "Our Ministry of Natural Resources earlier reported that hundreds of tankers carry oil from Kurdistan to Turkey. Russia's claims are based on inadequate sources. We categorically reject the Russian charges," Sherko Jawdat, Chairman of the Energy Committee of …

  • ISIS oil smuggled though Turkey is consumed in Israel

    An Israel Business portal, Globe, reported that Israel is one of the biggest consumers of ISIS oil.According to Globes, Kurdish and Turkish smugglers buy oil from the Islamic State, transport it through Iraq and Syria and then re-sell to the third countries. Globe confirmed that Israel is one of the main consumers. Jihadists’ oil is extracted from fields in the Syrian province of Dayr al-Zawr and oil regions of northwestern Iraq. The fuel is transported through the Kurdish town, Zaha, which is …