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  • Ukrainian Security Service summons 47 people for questioning in the RIA Novosti case

    Deputy Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Viktor Kononenko, told Ukrainski Novyny that the SBU has sent out 47 summons for questioning for people related to the case of high treason against Chief Editor of RIA Novosti, Kirill Vyshinsky.

    According to Kononenko, interrogations are scheduled to take place soon. He informed media that all searches have been carried out to completion, including investigation of the RIA Novosti-Ukraine office.

    Kirill Vyshinsky was arrested near his …

  • Attorney: Yanukovych in Russia temporarily, wants to return to Ukraine

    Attorney Vitaly Serdyuk says that his client, former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, intends to return to Ukraine.

    Serdyuk informed reporters of this during the recess of the Obolonskyi District Court, where Yanukovych’s high treason case is being reviewed, Ukrinform reports.

    “Certainly, he intends to return to Ukraine. Staying in Russian territory is a temporary necessary measure,” Serdyuk commented.

    According to him, Yanukovych has a certificate of temporary asylum in Russia “in …

  • Putin pardoned two women convicted for sending text messages about Russian tanks moving to Georgia

    Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned Annik Kesyan and Marina Dzhandzhgava, the two women convicted of high treason as a result of text messages they sent, as reported by Meduza news web site.

    Annik Kesyan was accused of sending two text messages in 2008 to a friend in Georgia saying that she saw that the military equipment was being transported by rail.

    Then, the recipient of the message asked the woman if the tanks were being transported. In response, the woman wrote, "Yes, they are …

  • Yanukovych to file a lawsuit against Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights

    Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine, will file a lawsuit with the European Court of Human Rights within a month, according to his lawyer, Vitaly Serdyuk, who said that his client intends to complain about Ukraine’s violation of his right to access justice and protection.

    Yanukovych’s defense team will not wait for the verdict of the Ukrainian court in the high treason case against him. His lawyers regard the decision of the court to begin his trial in absentia as an actual …

  • Former Ukrainian President Yanukovych refuses to participate in high treason trial

    Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych refuses to participate in the trial for high treason, withdrawing his defenders from. He made that statement on the air during the Time program on the Russian First Channel on Wednesday.

    “I do not want to take part in an allegedly adversarial process, whose outcome is predetermined. I decided to withdraw my defenders from the process. There are no doubts about their qualifications but lawyers are powerless in a country where justice has been …

  • Ukrainian officer sentenced to 12 years for attempting to steal Su-24 plane and fly it to Russia

    The Kmelnitskyi city district court sentenced a major of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who tried to steal a plane and take it to Russia in September 2014.

    The case was considered repeatedly in court. The first time, the major was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, but for procedural reasons, the ruling of the Starokonstantinovsky court did not come into force, and a new trial was appointed, the press service of the Military Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine reported.

    In the second …