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  • The EU will continue to provide assistance to farmers affected by Russian food embargo

    Farmers, who have been affected by the Russian trade embargo on goods from the European Union, will receive financial assistance from the EU, Deutsche Welle reported. The assistance to agricultural producers previously approved has been extended until June 2017. It should be noted that Brussels spent 280 million Euros on assistance to farmers who have been affected by the Russian sanctions.

    In general, approximately 1.13 million tons of European fruits and vegetables were given free of charge …

  • More than 15 tons of fruit from Europe were destroyed in Crimea

    More than 15 tons of fruit from Poland and Spain were destroyed in Russian-annexed Crimea according to the Crimean Office of Rosselkhoznadzor.

    "The apples of Polish origin with a total weight of 15 tons and 156 kilograms of Spanish oranges were detected by state inspectors of Rosselkhoznadzor during a joint raid conducted with the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Crimea and services on Land and Phytosanitary Supervision for the Republic of Crimea,” declared the …

  • Russia to ease food embargo

    The Russian Government has decided to ease the food embargo and allow the import of beef, poultry and vegetables. All of these products will be used for baby food production, the Ministry of Agriculture told TASS on Wednesday.

    “In order to stimulate domestic baby food production, the Government regulation of 27 May 2016 excludes raw materials used for baby food production from the embargo,” as TASS cited a representative of the Ministry.

    These products will be allowed for import if its …

  • Lavrov: Sanctions against Russia provide 'a window of opportunity'

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that sanctions against the Russian Federation provide a window of opportunity, Rosbalt reported.

    "We regard the economic restrictions that apply to us today as a window of opportunity… This window of opportunity should be used to strengthen our food safety and to continue to diversify the economic sector,” Lavrov stated.

    "I would say that a pressing question for us is not about when anti-Russian sanctions are lifted... For us the crucial issue is …

  • 5,000 tons of food destroyed in Russia since August

    According to the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, more than 5,000 tons of food has been smuggled to Russia since August 6th. The banned produce included 4,776 tons of plant products, generally vegetables and fruits, and 244 tons of animal products. Of these amounts, 4,630 tons of plants and 181 tons of animal products have been destroyed.

    From April 29th to May 5th this year, about 300 tons of plant produce and 26 tons of animal produce were seized.

    The …

  • New Ukrainian embargo on Russian goods to come into force in February

    An extended embargo on newly listed banned goods from Russia will take effect in early February as stated in the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers decision № 28 from 20 January. Added to the extended list of banned goods approved on December 30th 2015 were onions, green tea, prepared or preserved fish, white chocolate, pellets, candies containing alcohol, chewing gum, marmalade and jelly, corn flakes, biscuits and crisp breads, soya and tomato sauce (ketchup).It is worth noting that the list of …

  • Russia Halts Transit of Ukrainian Goods

    The Russian Federation has imposed customs duties as well as a food embargo against Ukraine in an effort to protect its market from the influx of duty-free supplies entering the Ukraine from the European Union. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (MEDTU) reported that Russia has fully halted the transit of Ukrainian goods into its territory as of 4 January 2016.

    “This ban by the Russian Federation is not clear. It is unacceptable and discriminatory in nature. Therefore, …