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  • Russia fires Zircon hypersonic missile from submarine

    The Russian military conducted the first test launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile from a submarine, reports Interfax.

    Before, all the tests of Zircon missile were carried out from the ships.

    "The Russian Navy for the first time conducted tests of the Zircon hypersonic missile from the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine. The shooting was carried out on a conditional sea target in the Barents Sea," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

    The Russian Defense Ministry notes that the …

  • Russia detains chief designer of hypersonic weapons for treason

    General Director and Chief Designer of JSC Research Enterprise of Hypersonic Systems (NIPGS) Alexander Kuranov was detained on August 12 by Russian FSB officers.

    TASS reports, citing a source in law enforcement agencies, 73-year-old Kuranov is accused of treason. He is suspected of transferring development materials to foreign special services. The Lefortovo court of Moscow received a petition from investigators for the arrest of the scientist for two months, which was satisfied.

    Doctor of …

  • Russia begins tests of ‘super-weapons’ in Barents and Norwegian Seas

    The Russian military has begun exercises to test submarine systems and weapons in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, TASS reports, citing the press service of the Northern Fleet.

    Crews of several ships, including the fourth generation, are taking part in the exercises, which will last for several days and will take place at submarines maximum diving depths of more than 500 meters.

    The exercises will include Yasen-class nuclear submarines, which will be equipped with hypersonic Zircon missiles, …

  • Russia claims to have successfully tested Zircon hypersonic missile

    The Russian Defense Ministry has successfully completed tests of the Zircon hypersonic missile, reports the Russian news agency RBC citing a statement of the Defense Ministry.

    The test launches of the new missile were conducted from the frigate Admiral Gorshkov. "The tests confirmed the unique tactical and technical characteristics of this missile in terms of range and accuracy, as well as hypersonic speed of its flight," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    The ministry noted that the unmanned …