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  • Russia cautions Israel against airstrikes on Syria

    During a briefing, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that it is necessary to stop Israeli airstrikes on Syria. A video of her speech was published on the Russian Foreign Ministry's Facebook page. 

    “The practice of arbitrary strikes on the territory of a sovereign state—in this case, we are talking about Syria—should be stopped,” Zakharova stated. According to Zakharova, such strikes added to tensions in the region that were not in the long-term interests of any …

  • Kremlin confirms that Russian private security companies operate in Sudan

    There are Russian private security companies independent of the Russian government that are active in Sudan, admitted Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova in a press conference on Wednesday.

    Zakharova complained that the western media are still heavily engaged in an anti-Russian campaign based on what she calls “misinformation”, referring specifically to an article in the Times which reported that Russian mercenaries had been involved in suppressing protests in Sudan. The …

  • Kremlin: Russia is 'protecting' Europe from aggression

    Maria Zakharova, official spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on Facebook that Russia is “protecting Europe from aggression”.

    “After Poroshenko said that Russia supposedly intends to capture Mariupol and Berdyansk, one can paraphrase his utterance with certainty: it is Russia that is protecting Europe from the barbarism, tyranny, terrorism, aggression and militarism that loom over our entire continent,” Zakharova wrote.

    At the same time, in an interview for the program “Moscow. …

  • Russia: Ukraine ‘went too far’ with unfriendly steps

    The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova stated at a press briefing that Ukrainian authorities went too far with their unfriendly steps and provoked retaliatory steps from Russia, TASS reports.

    “Russia restrained itself for a long time in order not to take such measures, but the current Kyiv regime went too far, and we cannot ignore such unfriendly steps,” she explained. When asked about a possible negative reaction from the west, Zakharova said, “People …

  • Russia promises to continue military operation in Syria

    At a UN international media seminar, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that Russia intends to continue the "fight against terrorism in Syria". According to her, Russia’s own security is at stake.

    “We have killed, are killing and will continue to kill terrorists… And it doesn’t matter whether it’s Aleppo, Idlib or other locations in Syria. Peace must be brought back to Syria,” she stated.

    The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman emphasized that it is not just a matter of …

  • Russia accuses UK of 'illegally' inspecting Aeroflot liner in London

    RIA Novosti reports that Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova has claimed British police conducted an inspection of a Russian Aeroflot aircraft at London's Heathrow Airport, without showing any grounds for such an inspection.

    She noted that British police and customs officers entered the plane, which was preparing to receive passengers for a flight from London to Moscow. According to Zakharova, the UK has refused to specify the reasons and purposes of the inspection and acted in …