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  • Ukrainian Armed Forces: Ukrainian soldier was taken prisoner by separatists

    The Spokesperson of the Presidential Administration on issues in the conflict zone, Colonel Andriy Lysenko, stated at a daily briefing that a Ukrainian serviceman was taken prisoner by members of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic in Marinka.

    “Yesterday, a group of Ukrainian servicemen went for a patrol at the request of local residents in order to detect explosive devices on the road that civilians would often use. Our group was ambushed during the patrol. As a result of these events, …

  • Captured Russian serviceman acknowledges presence of Russian officers in the Donbas

    Russian servicemen captured on July 11 in the  Donbas as a result of the fire fight with the Ukrainian forces acknowledged that Russian military advisors are currently working in the so-called Dontesk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

    The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) published a video in which the captured  serviceman acknowledges that he is a citizen of the Russian Federation. His name is Alexei Sedikov. He came to the Donbas in March 2016 together with his friend, Dmitri Marchenko. …

  • UN: Number of civilian victims of the war in the Donbas is the highest since August 2015

    The number of civilian victims in the Donbas has reached its highest point since August 2015, as stated in the latest report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs which was made public on Friday, 8 July. According to the UN, in June, clashes continued in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.  Just this month 12 people were killed and another 57 were injured in the Donbas.

    As noted in the report, most victims were injured by artillery shells, as attacks were carried out …

  • Ukrainian MoD: Separatists have increased attacks in the Donbas prior to NATO summit

    The head of the public relations department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Bogdan Senik stated in his comment to Ukrainian Pravda that the increase in shelling in eastern Ukraine zone that has been observed in recent days can be explained by the desire to provoke Ukrainian servicemen before the NATO Summit.

    “We connect the tendency towards increasing the amount of shelling over the recent period with holding of landmark meetings such as meeting in Minsk or other events, where the issue on de- …

  • Ukranian Intelligence: Eight Russian servicemen were killed and nine were wounded in the Donbas

    Russian troops, waging war against Ukraine in the Donbas, continue to bear significant losses. According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, eight Russian servicemen were killed earlier this week.

    “On the 5th of July, eight Russian servicemen of the 3rd Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade (Horlivka), the 11th Independent Motorized Rifle Regiment (Makiivka), the 9th Independent Assault Motorized Rifle Regiment of the Naval Infantry (Novoazovsk) and the …

  • Ukrainian presidential advisor expects an escalation of the conflict in the Donbas

    Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, Volodymyr Horbulin, told Ukrainian ZN.UA news portal that the Donbas is at risk of a sudden outbreak of large-scale hostilities. As Advisor to the President, he maintains that the current popular perception of calm presents a significant danger in itself.“In fact, the only thing we have observed is a paradigm shift in this long-term conflict,” Horbulin said. “Moreover, this raises a worrying feeling that this is the calm before the storm, …

  • Separatists seize electrical facility in Horlivka

    Buildings used for electric facilities in Horlivka have been seized by armed men.

    Members of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic stormed the premises of the Ukrainian state-owned power grid company Ukrenergo in Horlivka, which is not controlled by the Ukrainian government, the company’s press service reported.

    The capture of the buildings happened on June 30, reported.

    “According to unofficial information, these actions were carried out as a result of the execution of …

  • Poroshenko posthumously gives award to opera singer who died in the Donbas

    On Thursday, President Petro Poroshenko awarded the fighter and opera singer Vasyl Slipak the "For Courage" honor posthumously.

    “For the personal courage shown in the protection of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and his dedicated service to the Ukrainian people I decree the awarding of the "For Courage" honor to Vasyl Yaroslavovych Slipak for his participation in the anti-terrorist operations (posthumously),” the decree reads.

    Vasyl Slipak was born in the Lviv …

  • Ukrainian opera singer dies fighting in the Donbas

    Opera singer Vasyl Slipak was killed in the Donbas region, as reported by a representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe, Dmitry Kuleba, on Twitter.

    "Vasyl Slipak, the Ukrainian opera singer, who left the French Opera in order to protect Ukraine, was killed in eastern Ukraine," he wrote. Journalist Yuri Butusov reported on his Facebook page that Slipak died in the Donetsk district.

    "He chose the pseudonym ‘Myth.’ It was shortened from Mephistopheles from the opera Faust. He was not a …

  • Fighting erupts near Debaltseve in eastern Ukraine

    The Ukrainian TSN News channel reports renewed heavy fighting on the front line in eastern Ukraine.  According to the news channel, the separatists attempted to advance in the area of Debaltseve in the Donetsk region.

    The separatist attacked the Ukrainian positions in the early morning on June 29. According to the reports of the Ukrainian volunteers from Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector), the separatist used heavy artillery and armored infantry vehicles. The Ukrainian forces repelled the separatist …