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  • Newly mobilized Russian battalion destroyed by Ukrainian military in Luhansk region

    The Ukrainian military destroyed a battalion of mobilized Russians from the Voronezh region near the village of Makiivka in the Svatove district of the Luhansk region. The death toll is several hundred people, reported the Russian news outlet Verstka, citing one of the survivors, Alexei Agafonov.

    According to his estimates, the death toll may exceed 500 people.

    Agafonov said that the commander of the newly mobilized, who were undergoing military training in the military unit 2079, promised …

  • Ukrainian Ambassador: Germany can begin delivering Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine soon

    Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Oleksiy Makeyev said he expects that Germany would begin direct deliveries of battle tanks  to Ukraine. 

    "We have reason to hope that a decision will be made to supply Leopard 2 tanks from Germany directly to Ukraine," he said in an interview with Funke news agency.

    According to him, negotiations are under way with the German federal government. Makeyev stressed that Ukraine needs these battle tanks.

    "It's time to stop talking how to avoid provoking Russia. …

  • Iran admits supplying kamikaze drones to Russia

    The Iranian authorities for the first time publicly acknowledged the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia. The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said that before Russia's war against Ukraine Teheran provided Moscow with a limited number of drones, reported the Iranian state news agency IRNA. At the same time, the Iranian Foreign Minister denies deliveries of drones after the start of the war, as well as shipping missiles to Russia. According to several media …

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister: Russians are ready to surrender Kherson

    Russians can make another "gesture of goodwill" and leave the right bank of the Dnieper in the temporarily occupied Kherson region, said the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, during a briefing.

    According to him, any reports coming from Russians about Kherson can be a part of the information operation. He noted that the Ukrainian leadership closely monitors all statements of the enemy and recommended trusting Ukrainian official sources.

    "Russians have a habit of "acts of goodwill". …

  • Putin assures Erdogan that he does not plan a nuclear strike on Ukraine

    Russian president Vladimir Putin assured Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a telephone conversation that he did not intend to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, said the Chief Adviser to the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin.

    According to him, Erdogan  has been holding regular talks with Putin since last year in an attempt to stop the war. The Turkish official said that at present there was no success at this front. Kalin also added that "neither side looks like a winner in this war." …

  • Kyiv: Russia continues to deploy troops to Belarus

    The joint deployment of the troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus is aimed at distracting attention and causing the Ukrainian military command to pull the troops from the east and south. At the same time, there is a risk that in the future this grouping of troops will be used for direct aggression against Ukraine, said the Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Oleksiy Gromov.

    He noted that the situation in the Volyn, Zhytomyr and …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Putin was forced to return to 'grain agreement', no security guarantees for Russian Black Sea Fleet were provided

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba commented on the Kremlin’s statements that in exchange for Russia’s return "grain agreement", Ukraine allegedly promised not to attack the Black Sea Fleet. The Minister recalled that Ukraine has never used the "green corridors" for military purposes and is not going to do so in the future.

    "This guarantee is simply Russia's way of saving face. Russia returned to the Grain Initiative not because someone gave it any assurances, but because there was a lot …

  • Putin demands that Ukraine provides security guarantees for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

    Russian president Vladimir Putin said that, in order for Russia to rejoin the "grain initiative", Ukraine must provide security guarantees for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

    "We are not saying that we are stopping our participation in this operation (grain initiative). No, we are talking about the fact that we are suspending it," said Putin.

    He stressed that as soon as such security guarantees are provided by Ukraine, Russia will return to the agreement.

    Putin also demanded that the UN, which is …

  • Kyiv: ‘grain export corridor’ continues to work without Russia

    On October 31, the UN and Turkey agreed on continuing exports of Ukrainian grain along the humanitarian corridor. 12 ships with agricultural products have already left Ukrainian ports, reported the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

    "Representatives of the UN and Turkey are negotiating with the Russian delegation and continue to look for solutions for the full implementation of the Grain Initiative. According to the proposal of the Joint Coordination Center, …

  • Kyiv: Russians leaving Chornobaivka and Kherson

    For the first time since the capture of the Kherson region, the Russians have taken all the equipment out of Chornobaivka and are leaving Kherson, said the adviser to the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration Serhiy Khlan on the air of the FREEDOM telethon.

    According to Khlan, there are fewer Russians in the regional center, but they continue to loot the city and intimidate the local population. Chornobaivka was empty for the first time in many months.

    "There are no visible …