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  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia deployed 90 soldiers and ammunition to the Donbas

    A total of 23 pro-Russian separatists were killed and 34 were injured during clashes near Avdiivka. However, pro-Russian forces have already received reinforcements from Russia and are continuing their activities near the town.

    This was reported in a statement issued by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

    According to this statement, separatists have created a strategic defense group consisting of the 11 separate motorized rifle regiment of Makiivka, and …

  • Pentagon: More than 400 Ukrainian servicemen have died since the Minsk Agreements were signed

    Over 400 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in clashes over the last year after the ceasefire agreement was signed in Minsk and subsequently implemented.  It has been said that Russia plays an important role in the conflict.

    During an interview with Voice of America correspondant Carla Babb, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of issues relating to Ukraine, Russia and Eurasia, Michael Carpenter, stated that the US is seeing a “significant” increase in conflict in eastern Ukraine. …

  • OSCE: Situation in Donbas continues to deteriorate

    The OSCE Mission continues to record a significant deterioration of the security situation in the Donbas, partially as a result of the use of artillery and mortars as stated in the report of the OSCE Mission for the 29th of February, published on the 2nd of March 2016. In particular, the representatives of the OSCE Mission noted 95 explosions from the west of the observers’ location on the 28th of February during their stay in the center of Donetsk; the next day, 174 explosions were recorded. …

  • More than 2,600 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed since February 2014

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that more than 2,600 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and more than 9,000 wounded since the beginning of Russian aggression in February 2014.

    “On 20th of February 2014, the Russian Federation initiated armed aggression against Ukraine, having occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. Today, this aggression is under way in Donbas. Since the start of Russian aggression, more than 2,600 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and …

  • Russian spy met with Ukrainian troops in Avdiivka

    According to volunteers from the Come Back Alive organization, a Russian military officer, Rustam Muradov, visited Ukrainian positions in Avdiivka, posing as a representative of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic working with the OSCE.

    As reported, Muradov attempted to negotiate with Ukrainian officers. 

    Shortly before the meeting, a battle occurred in Avdiivka between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and hostile reconnaissance and sabotage groups.  The latter consisted mainly of …

  • Ukrainian Armed Forces regain control of Shyrokyne

    A representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Mariupol region, Alexander Kindstafer, reported on air during a 112 Ukraine TV channel broadcast that Ukrainian servicemen fully regained control of the town of Shyrokyne in the Donetsk region.

    “Yes, a few days ago, militants entirely left their section. Our divisions have taken control of this settlement,” Kindstafer stated.

    According to him, pro-Russian separatists mined the town extensively.

     “They placed mine traps and dozens of trip …

  • Fighting increases in eastern Ukraine

    The situation in the Donbas region remains tense, as both the Ukrainian Armed Forces and pro-Russian separatists blame each other for violating the ceasefire on February 27th. The Ukrainian Armed Forces Press Center reported that attacks by pro-Russian separatists increased after nightfall.  In the Donetsk region, Ukrainian positions came under fire from small arms, heavy machine guns, and grenade launchers near the towns of Zaitsevo, Novgorodskoye, and Luganskoye, the statement said. …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence Suggests Russian Military is Preparing an Amphibious Assault on the Donbas

    Ukrainian intelligence says that the deployment of sabotage and intelligence activities to Mariupol is associated with the preparations for an amphibious operation as reported by the press service of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense.

    "The 9th Division motorized rifle regiment (in Novoazovsk city) of the 1st corps has been strengthened with units from the 810th Division Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation," the statement said.

    It was …

  • In the Donbas, Surkov Discussed the Possibility of a Renewal of Hostilities

    The Assistant to the President of Russia, Vladislav Surkov, has travelled to the occupied Donbas region twice this month and discussed the possible resurgence of hostilities, as reported by the Ukrainian intelligence service.

    “The main goal of the Russian occupational forces is to reach the administrative borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” stated a representative of the Department of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense. Vadim elaborated on the Kremlin’s decisions on the further …

  • Fighting continues in town of Marinka in eastern Ukraine

    Militants are preparing to capture the city of Marinka, which is located on the Western outskirts of the Donetsk region.  This was reported by the headquarters of the Anti-terrorist Operation (ATO) on the 18th of February.

    Due to the increasing number of attacks and the danger to the lives of civilians, the military has stopped working at the Marinka checkpoint.  More than 5 000 people pass this checkpoint every day.  The militants have accumulated military equipment and personnel in the …