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  • Russian soldier Ageyev detained in Ukraine asks for sentence change according to Donbas reintegration law

    Russian soldier Viktor Ageyev’s attorney will motion for reclassification of the case and an lightening of the sentence for his client, which is apparently made possible by the Donbas De-occupation Law, recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. A statement to this effect was made by Ageyev’s attorney Viktor Chevguz, Ukrinform reports.

    “I filed an appeal at the Appeals Court of the Luhansk province. I am requesting a change in the classification of the article according to which he is …

  • Ukrainian court sentences Russian soldier Ageyev to 10 years of imprisonment

    Russian citizen Viktor Ageyev was found guilty of being part of terrorist organization and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. This decision of the Novoaydarskiy District Court of the Luhansk region was reported by his lawyer Viktor Chevguz on his Facebook page.

    According to Chevguz, on January 24, during the judicial debate, the prosecutor stated that the LPR [self-proclaimed Luhansk People's republic] is a terrorist organization, which Ageyev joined as a contract soldier. He was also …

  • Mother of the Russian soldier detained in the Donbas went to visit Ukrainian President’s office

    Russian military contractor Viktor Ageyev’s mother, Svetlana and their lawyer visited the Administration of the President of Ukraine. Afterwards, they went to the Russian Embassy in Kyiv, as reported by Ageyev’s lawyer, Viktor Chevguz to Hromadske radio.

    "The conversation was mainly about legal issues," Chevguz noted. When asked whether the diplomats promised to help, he replied that they said, "This is our duty. Yes, we addressed it. They refused to meet us at first..."

    The lawyer clarified …

  • Mother of Russian military detainee in Ukraine asks Poroshenko to pardon her son

    According to Svetlana Ageyeva, the mother of the Russian soldier detained in the Donbass, "it will be a great life lesson for [her son]" if Poroshenko pardons him. Ageyev's mother also said in her video message to Poroshenko that she did not know how her son was in the Donbas. According to Ageyeva, only contract service was discussed with the family.

    "I myself am still in the dark; I still cannot understand how it happened….who influenced my child so much, that he found himself in those places …

  • Mother of Russian soldier captured in Donbas asks for help in freeing her son

    The mother of 22 year-old Russian Viktor Ageyev, who was captured in the vicinity of Ukrainian Luhansk, has asked for help in the release of her son, Radio Svoboda reported on June 29.

    Svetlana Ageyeva’s appeal was sent to Alexander Goncharenko, chair of the Altaic division of the “Yabloko” party, who forwarded it to party leader Boris Vishnevsky at the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersberg.

    Vinshevsky reportedly sent a letter to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu with a request to …

  • Russia denies that the soldier captured by Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas is enlisted in Russian army

    The Russian Ministry of Defense denies that the Russian Viktor Ageyev, who was taken prisoner in the Luhansk region, is currently enlisted.

    “Viktor Ageyev never served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under contract. According to the records of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ageyev served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, after which, in May 2016, he resigned in accordance with established procedure to the reserve. Information regarding the alleged subsequent entry …