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  • Russia embarks on ‘banana war’ with Ecuador over military equipment deal with the US

    Russia has begun a trade dispute, commonly referred to as a "banana war," with Ecuador following inflammatory remarks from Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa. Earlier, Noboa announced plans to donate outdated Soviet-made military equipment to the United States, which has pledged in return to provide Ecuador with new weapons to the value of $200 million.

    As reported by The Moscow Times, Washington intends to pass the weaponry obtained from Ecuador to Kyiv. Among the military hardware in Ecuador's …

  • Ukraine and US officials jointly inspect American-provided military aid

    Ukraine’s Defense Ministry’s Internal Audit Service, alongside representatives from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and officials from the US Embassy's Defense Cooperation Office, conducted an inspection in one of the military units of the weaponry and property provided by American partners, reported the press service of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense.

    According to the report, Ukrainian and American inspectors verified three main aspects: serial numbers, technical condition, and storage conditions ( …

  • Former Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister claims UK was ready to fight in Ukraine, held back by US

    The UK was ready to enter the war against Russia, but the US held them back, the former deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lana Zerkal, told Natalya Moseychuk, host of the 1+1 talk show Right to Power, in an interview. She stated that members of the House of Lords in the British Parliament were willing to fight against Russia, but they cannot do so because the United States opposes it.

    "During the summer of 2022, I was in parliament in London, and the lords openly said: 'If not …

  • Turkish banks suspend transactions with Russian counterparts amid US sanctions threats

    Turkish banks are universally halting operations with Russian counterparts, reported the newspaper Kommersant, citing financial market sources and foreign trade participants.

    According to the newspaper, Turkish banks have severed correspondent relationships with nearly all Russian financial institutions as well as suspended payment processing without formally terminating the contracts. The only exception has been made for the subsidiaries of foreign banks in Russia.

    Kommersant sources say the …

  • US Department of Defense refutes claims of reduced ammo supplies to Ukraine, affirms ongoing support during Israel conflict

    US Department of Defense spokesperson Sabrina Singh has stated that the information that appeared in the media about a 30% reduction in ammunition supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces  following the start of the war in Israel is far from reality. ”I would push back on that assertion (about reduction in ammunition supplies). We have been able to supply Ukraine with what it needs during its counter-offensive, and we will continue to supply Ukraine with what it needs as it heads -- as we head …

  • Kyiv: Ukraine and United States to jointly produce air defense systems

    Ukraine and the United States will begin a joint production of air defense systems in Ukraine, said Minister for Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshyn in an interview with the news outlet New Voice (NV). According to him, this agreement was reached between Kyiv and Washington during President Volodymyr Zelensky's recent visit to the United States.

    "During our visit to the United States, we not only received assurances of continued financial and military support, but also willingness to work …

  • Kremlin outraged over U.S. plans to transfer Russian oligarchs' frozen assets to Ukrainian Armed Forces

    Washington's statement about transferring frozen assets of Russian oligarchs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has sparked an "absolutely negative" reaction in Russia. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, in particular, referred to such plans as "unlawful acts".

    "Undoubtedly, any claims that they have found legal grounds to continue this lawlessness are legal nonsense. This will inevitably lead to legal proceedings. None of these cases of illegal confiscation will be ignored," he said.

    Peskov also …

  • U.S. General Mark Milley: Ukrainian Forces breach first line of Russian defense in Zaporizhzhia region

    Ukrainian forces have, quite commendably, managed to break through the first line of Russian defence in the Zaporizhzhia region, said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, General Mark Milley, in an interview with Almamlakatv.

    There are increasing signs that Ukrainian troops have partially breached the first line of Russian defence on the southern front in the Zaporizhzhia region and are advancing towards the strategically important city of Tokmak, reports CNN.

    Some …

  • Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S.: Washington feels confident about counteroffensive

    The assessment of the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in US official circles is quite positive, said Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova in an interview with

    "There is a big difference between what is written about the offensive in the media and how it is assessed in the US administration, the State Department, the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The assessment of the White House, Secretary of Defense Austin and the head of the Joint Chiefs …

  • U.S. to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine

    The new aid package, which will be provided from the US Army's stockpiles, includes 155-mm caliber ammunition, including DPICM, 105-mm shells, as well as ammunition for the Patriot and HIMARS systems, said US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan at a press briefing.

    At the same time, he noted that Kyiv "provided written assurances" that Ukraine would use these weapons "very carefully, in order to minimize any risk to the civilian population."

    According to Sullivan, these guarantees made …