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  • Russia vows to stop U.S. 'from taking over Ukraine'

    Two rounds of negotiations held by American, NATO and Russian officials in Geneva and Brussels did not help to alleviate the concerns of the Russian authorities regarding the NATO bloc.

    “The North Atlantic Alliance is preparing an information background for deployment of its troops to Ukraine, and this poses a security threat to both Russia and European countries,” said the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin.

    "NATO seeks to take over Ukraine," he said, adding that Moscow …

  • U.S. and Europe abandon the idea of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT

    The United States and the European Union abandoned the idea of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT interbank payment system as part of a package of sanctions for aggression against Ukraine, Handelsblatt reports, citing sources in the German government.

    The initiative, which was first launched back in 2014 after Russia's annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas, is again considered too risky. This step could destabilize the global financial system and provoke the development of an alternative …

  • Russia begins large-scale military drills near Ukrainian borders after inconclusive talks with the U.S.

    Russia is launching a new series of military exercises in areas bordering Ukraine after the first round of security consultations with the United States, which ended on Monday and did not lead to concrete results.

    About 3 thousand servicemen in the Voronezh, Belgorod, Bryansk and Smolensk regions will take part in firing drills that started on Tuesday, Interfax reports, citing the press service of the Western Military District.

    About 300 units of equipment, including T-72B3 tanks, and BMP-2 …

  • Russia-US talks in Geneva bring no results

    The first round of U.S.-Russian security consultations, held on Monday in Geneva, ended without concrete results on key issues.

    The United States rejected the demand for non-expansion of NATO and withdrawal of NATO troops to the borders of 1997, while the Russian delegation did not give clear guarantees of the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian borders, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said at a briefing after 8 hours of talks.

    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who …

  • Ukrainian President calls on U.S. senators to support sanctions against Nord Stream 2

    Ukraine asks all its friends in the U.S. Senate to support Protecting Europe's Energy Security Implementation Act S.3436, which provides for sanctions against the Russian Nord Stream-2 pipeline, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Twitter.

    "Thank you Senator Chuck Schumer (Democratic Party) and Senator Ted Cruz (Republican Party) for agreeing to put to a vote for the suspension of the Russian Nord Stream 2," Zelensky wrote.

    The bill of the Republican Ted Cruz calls for imposing …

  • Putin tells Biden Russia is ready to completely break off relations with the U.S.

    A new round of tough sanctions that the United States threatens Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine could lead to a complete rupture in relations between the two countries, Russian president Vladimir Putin told US President Joe Biden during a telephone conversation held on Thursday evening, the Kremlin’s press service reports.

    The 55-minute dialogue, the third since Biden took office, finally set the dates for the upcoming talks on security assurances: January 9-10 in Geneva on a …

  • Russian Defense Minister accuses the U.S. of preparing chemical attacks in Donbas

    Private military companies from the United States are preparing provocations using chemical weapons in the Donbas, said the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu at the board meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry.

    According to him, 120 employees of American PMCs arrived in the region and are training Ukrainian special forces soldiers.

    "Tanks with unidentified chemical components were delivered to the towns of Avdiivka and Krasny Liman to carry out provocations," RIA Novosti quoted Shoygu …

  • United States promises Ukraine more weapons in the event of Russian invasion

    The US will provide Ukraine with more military equipment and weapons if Russia launches a full-scale military offensive, said US Charge d'affaires in Ukraine Christine Queen in an interview with Suspilne TV channel.

    Queen noted that military assistance will also be sent to NATO allies in Eastern Europe.

    "If Russia takes unacceptable action against Ukraine, we will also supply Ukraine with more equipment and weapons. Finally, we will ensure that our NATO allies bordering Ukraine are fully …

  • Russia demands an immediate response from USA to its request for ‘security guarantees’

    Russia demands an immediate response from Washington regarding an agreement on "security guarantees", said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov

    According to him, the United States is trying to convert this demand "into a slow-moving process."

    "We need this urgently, because the situation is very difficult, it is acute, it’s becoming more complex," Ryabkov emphasized.

    He added that Moscow is ready to immediately begin negotiations with the United States and NATO.

    The Kremlin …

  • Exports of Russian firearm ammunitions to U.S. reach record highs

    Despite U.S. sanctions on the import of Russian small arms and ammunitions, their supplies from Russia to the United States broke the record set in the early 1990s, reports the Russian news agency RBC with reference to the data of the US Census Bureau.

    During the first 10 months of 2021, American companies imported $ 157.9 million worth of Russian firearm cartridges, breaking the record of 2016 ($ 148 million per year).

    According to the UN, more than 94% of all Russian firearm cartridges are …