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  • Russia threatens to deploy hypersonic missiles to its borders

    The United States did not give a constructive response to the basic elements of the draft agreement on security guarantees. Because of this, Russia will be forced to take "military-technical measures", said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, almost all Moscow’s key demands, put forward in December, were ignored.

    The Kremlin’s letter said the US did not provide a response to their demands: "It's about giving up the further expansion of NATO, about the …

  • Russia expels Deputy US Ambassador

    Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow Bart Gorman has been expelled from Russia, reports RIA Novosti.

    "Gorman was the second most important official at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow after the ambassador and a key member of the embassy's senior management team," embassy spokesman Jason Rebholz told RIA Novosti. According to him, Washington considers the expulsion of the diplomat as an "escalation" and is considering the possibility of retaliatory measures.

    "The American diplomat …

  • USA and UK: No signs Russia is moving troops away from Ukrainian border

    Western countries do not see signs of withdrawal of Russian troops from the borders of Ukraine, which was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    Statements from Moscow that the troops of the Southern and Western Military Districts, after completing their exercises, are being sent to places of their permanent deployment need to be verified, said US Permanent Representative to NATO Julian Smith.

    Russia "made similar claims" about the de-escalation in December, but they turned out to be …

  • Russia warns it will sink American ships if its borders are violated

    The Russian military is ready to strike at foreign ships that violate the state border of the Russian Federation, said the deputy head of the main operational directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov, commenting on the incident with the American submarine near the Kuril Island

    On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry said the Russian warships had to use “appropriate means" against an American Virginia-class submarine in the Pacific Ocean, which, …

  • Minsk: Belarus is ready to take part in Russia’s negotiations with NATO and U.S. on security guarantees

    Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Aleinik said that Belarus is ready to take part in the discussions with the West of Russian proposals on security guarantees.

    "We look forward to a substantive discussion of Russian initiatives both in bilateral and multilateral formats. We are ready to take part in this process," Aleinik said.

    According to Aleinik, Russian draft agreements with the United States and NATO on security guarantees are a serious proposal for dialogue on building a pan- …

  • Putin: U.S. and NATO ignore Russia’s demands for security guarantees

    The U.S. and NATO, in their written responses to Russia on long-term security guarantees, ignored Russia's basic demands, said Russian President Vladimir Putin during a press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    Putin noted that the Russia is analyzing the written replies received on January 26 from the United States and NATO.

    "But it is already clear that Russia’s fundamental concerns have been ignored. We did not see an adequate consideration of our three key requirements …

  • Kremlin admits Russia is not ready to lose access to foreign software

    U.S. threats to impose tough technology sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine with a ban on the supply of chips and a possible disconnection from foreign software cause concern among the Russian authorities.

    The newspaper Kommersant reports, citing sources in the Russian government and in the IT market, that the Russian Cabinet of Ministers is working on possible scenarios in the event that the supply of microelectronics to Russia is stopped, and Russian companies lose …

  • Russia unexpectedly suspends large-scale readiness check of its troops

    Russia has stopped a series of military and naval exercises in the south and west regions three days after receiving written responses from the United States and NATO to proposals for security guarantees.

    The snap readiness check announced in the Western and Southern districts has been completed, and 7,000 soldiers who were put on alert are returning to their places of permanent deployment.

    The exercises of the Western Military District, which started on January 25 with participation of …

  • U.S. preparing to expel Russian ambassador

    The United States is ready to expel Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov from the country if the Russian side does not fulfill several Washington's demands by April.

    The relevant information has already been conveyed by the United States Department of State to Russian diplomats, TASS quotes Antonov as saying.

    According to Antonov, the U.S. demands that Russia provide visas to the security guards of the U.S. ambassador.

    The personnel of the Russian Embassy in the United States have been reduced …

  • U.S. and NATO reject Putin's demands for security guarantees

    The United States and NATO rejected Russia’s key demands for security guarantees which include stopping the enlargement of NATO and not accepting Ukraine and Georgia into the Alliance.

    "We will preserve the principle of open doors of the alliance,”  said the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, commenting on the written response, which was delivered to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday evening by Ambassador John Sullivan.

    He added that Russia cannot dictate which …