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  • Kremlin admits Russia is not ready to lose access to foreign software

    U.S. threats to impose tough technology sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine with a ban on the supply of chips and a possible disconnection from foreign software cause concern among the Russian authorities.

    The newspaper Kommersant reports, citing sources in the Russian government and in the IT market, that the Russian Cabinet of Ministers is working on possible scenarios in the event that the supply of microelectronics to Russia is stopped, and Russian companies lose …

  • Russia unexpectedly suspends large-scale readiness check of its troops

    Russia has stopped a series of military and naval exercises in the south and west regions three days after receiving written responses from the United States and NATO to proposals for security guarantees.

    The snap readiness check announced in the Western and Southern districts has been completed, and 7,000 soldiers who were put on alert are returning to their places of permanent deployment.

    The exercises of the Western Military District, which started on January 25 with participation of …

  • U.S. preparing to expel Russian ambassador

    The United States is ready to expel Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov from the country if the Russian side does not fulfill several Washington's demands by April.

    The relevant information has already been conveyed by the United States Department of State to Russian diplomats, TASS quotes Antonov as saying.

    According to Antonov, the U.S. demands that Russia provide visas to the security guards of the U.S. ambassador.

    The personnel of the Russian Embassy in the United States have been reduced …

  • U.S. and NATO reject Putin's demands for security guarantees

    The United States and NATO rejected Russia’s key demands for security guarantees which include stopping the enlargement of NATO and not accepting Ukraine and Georgia into the Alliance.

    "We will preserve the principle of open doors of the alliance,”  said the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, commenting on the written response, which was delivered to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday evening by Ambassador John Sullivan.

    He added that Russia cannot dictate which …

  • Kremlin expresses concern after U.S. puts American troops in Europe on high alert

    The Kremlin is concerned about the actions of the United States which contribute to escalating tensions, in particular the Pentagon's statement about putting the US military in Europe on high alert, said the press Secretary of the Russian President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

    "We talked a lot about this yesterday. What is happening both informationally and in reality, the United States is escalating tensions – nothing changes here. We are watching these actions of the United States with great …

  • Kyiv: U.S. decision to authorize departure of American diplomats from Ukraine is premature

    The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the decision of the U.S. Department of State to authorize departure of the personnel of the American Embassy in Kyiv to be premature, said the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko.

    "While respecting the right of foreign states to ensure the security of their diplomatic missions, we consider such a step by the American side premature and a manifestation of excessive precaution," said Nikolenko.

    Nikolenko noted that in …

  • Large shipment of American weapons delivered to Ukraine

    The first shipment of the security assistance package, which was recently approved by US President Joe Biden, has arrived in Kyiv, reported the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine on Twitter.

    That cargo includes about 200,000 pounds of lethal weapons, including ammunition for Ukraine's military on the front lines.

    "This assistance, as well as security assistance, amounting to more than $2.7 billion that the U.S. has provided to Ukraine since 2014, demonstrates the United States' strong commitment to …

  • Washington allows Baltic countries to arm Ukraine with American weapons

    The American publication Politico, citing sources in the US State Department, reported that in the near future the Ukrainian army will receive a shipment of American weapons previously delivered to the Baltic states - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as part of cooperation in NATO.

    The delivery will be carried out based on three requests received in Washington from these countries in recent weeks.

    The mandatory approval by the U.S. Department of State for the transfer of US-made weapons to a " …

  • After Biden threatens Putin with sanctions, Russia warns of war in Ukraine

    Threats of disconnecting Russia from the dollar system, voiced yesterday by U.S. President Joe Biden, can provoke a resumption of the "civil war" in Ukraine, said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov

    According to him, the threat of sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine can "contribute to the destabilization of the situation" in the Donbas.

    "All these statements can instill completely erroneous hopes in the hotheads of some representatives of the Ukrainian …

  • Iranian president calls on Putin to fight back together against the U.S.

    Russia and Iran can stand together against the United States in the international arena, said President of the Islamic Republic Ibrahim Raisi during his visit to Moscow.

    "Amid external extraordinary conditions, when there is opposition to the unilateral actions of the West, including the United States, we can create synergy in our cooperation," Raisi told Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the talks in the Kremlin.

    According to Raisi, Tehran is ready for "strategic" relations with the …