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  • US Senate sends the market of Russian government bonds spiraling downward

    The market for Russian government debt, which has already experienced two major sell-offs since April, is going into a recession, reports.

    The price of Russian debt on the Moscow Exchange has fallen for two consecutive days, in light of news that the US Senate has introduced a bill which would drastically increase the sanctions against Russia. The document, which was put forward by an inter-party group, including republican John McCain and democrat Bob Mendendez, demands that the …

  • Senate votes to allow US partners to purchase weapons from Russia

    The US Senate has passed legislative changes that will allow the President waive sanctions on countries that are attempting to establish closer relations with Washington, but are also involved in weapons deals with Russia.

    The decision passed with 87 Senators voting in favor and 10 voting against, writes RFE/RL.

    This decision had already been passed by the US House of Representatives, and now awaits President Trump’s final approval.

    Earlier, US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis appealed to …

  • US Senators warn France, Germany and Great Britain against evading Iranian sanctions

    Ten US Senators sent a letter to the Embassies of Germany, Great Britain and France, urging them to deepen transatlantic cooperation against Iran and warning them against evading sanctions against the country, as stated on the website of one of the document’s signatories, Senator Ted Cruz.

    "We write to urge you to comply with all American sanctions but also to emphasize we would consider it particularly troubling if you sought to evade or undermine American statutes. First, these statutes …

  • US Senate majority leader calls for new anti-Russian sanctions

    US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel has urged two key Senate committees to hold hearings on the possibility of placing new sanctions on Russia in order to prevent the Kremlin’s interference in future US elections, Voice of America reports.

    McConnel has asked the leaders of the foreign relations and banking committees to “facilitate Congress’s efforts to formulate a state-level response to interference by Russia, or any other country, in our elections in 2018”.

    Republican Senator Lindsey …

  • US Senate approves military aid for Ukraine

    On September 18, the US Senate supported the key elements of the amendments to the US National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2018, which increases assistance to Ukraine in the area of security.

    The bill envisions the provision of $500 million of security assistance, including lethal and non-lethal equipment, training and technical assistance, Voice of America reports.

    This is the first time the bill allows for aid to be given to increase Ukraine’s naval capabilities, which deteriorated …

  • The bill on anti-Russian sanctions was transferred from the Senate to the US House of Representatives

    Representatives of the upper house of the US Congress resolved technical issues in the bill on expanding sanctions against Russia. Those issues prevented the document from being deliberated in the House of Representatives, Reuters reported.

    On June 20, Republicans in the lower house stalled the document, transferring it for consideration to the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to them, the draft law in its present form violates the constitutional order concerning the issues of government …

  • The White House: The law on sanctions against Russia has no legal effect due to a violation of the procedure of its approval

    The bill with a strengthened package of sanctions against Russia, which was passed almost unanimously in the US Senate, has no legal effect due to a violation of the procedure of its approval. This was announced on Monday, June 26 during a briefing by the representative of the White House, Sean Spicer, Ukrinform reports.

    "The decision of the Senate was adopted in violation of procedure, so there is no new bill at this time," he said. Spicer did not comment on US President Trump’s position on …

  • US senate approves bill on new sanctions against Russia

    On Wednesday, the US Senate almost unanimously (97 for, 2 against) approved the document which could put into law and expand the sanctions against Russia, Golos Ameriki reports.

    Corresponding amendments were introduced into the law on sanctions with respect to Iran. The senators added the Russian sanctions there too.

    Amongst other things, the document obligates the White House to coordinate the decision with Congress if it decides to ease, suspend or lift the current sanctions against Russia. …

  • US Senate considers resolution to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons

    A resolution was introduced in the U.S. Senate in connection with the third anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea, calling for the maintenance of sanctions against the Russian Federation and the provision of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine.

    According to the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States, the draft resolution "Condemning illegal Russian aggression in Ukraine on the three year anniversary of the annexation of Crimea" was introduced by Senators Robert Portman and Sherrod Brown, …

  • The US Senate supports Montenegro's bid to join NATO

    The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving Montenegro's bid to join NATO, thus opening the way for the Balkan country to join the Alliance, as reported by Radio Liberty.

    "On March 27, 97 senators voted to end the debate and allow voting at the end of this week to ratify Montenegro's membership in NATO. Only Republican Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee voted against the accession," the report said.

    The final vote will be held in the upper house of Congress. As soon as this …