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  • NATO worried that Trump will withdraw US troops from Europe

    NATO fears that Donald Trump, as president of the United States, will reduce the presence of US troops in Europe, Spiegel reports.

    According to the newspaper, this is one of the scenarios described in the report from the headquarters of the secretary general of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, who has “enormous” concerns about the election of the American billionaire.

    “Nowhere is concern over the election of Trump as US President greater than in NATO. Now the alliance, as became known to …

  • US Defense Secretary advises Trump against cooperating with Russia in Syria

    US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter advised President-Elect Donald Trump not to cooperate with Russia in Syria, Rosbalt reported.

    “The Russians said that they will fight against terrorism and help to remove Bashar al-Assad from power. Nothing has been done. Moreover, Moscow assists Damascus. It only fuels the civil war in the country,” Carter stated in an interview with CBS.

    Carter opposes coordinating the actions of US and Russian forces in Syria. According to him, the US President should not …

  • Peskov: Russia maintained contact with Trump and Clinton campaigns

    The press secretary for the president of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, who arrived in New York at the opening ceremony of the World Chess Championship, stated in his interview to the Associated Press that Russian experts maintained contact with colleagues from the US presidential campaign headquarters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.“Our experts, specialists on the United States and experts on international affairs… constantly communicate with their colleagues here, including those …

  • Poroshenko will try again to meet with Trump

    The president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, intends to visit the United States in the coming year and meet with US President-Elect Donald Trump. As the deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, stated on air with the Ukraine TV Channel, Kyiv maintained a neutral position towards the US presidential candidates.

    “Following the results of the election, we will establish a dialogue for further cooperation. We expect that Petro Poroshenko will pay a visit to …

  • Syrian opposition explains why Clinton is a better choice for Syria than Trump

    Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is better versed in the Syrian conflict than her rival from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, as stated by representatives of the Syrian political opposition, members of the delegation at the negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations, Khaled Khoja and Hind Kabawat, Voice of America reports.Clinton’s advantage is that she is aware of the differences between the groups fighting against Assad, opposition activists say. In their opinion, Clinton, …

  • Rasmussen: Trump's statements may push Russian government to test NATO's resolve

    The former Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, believes that some of the claims of Donald Trump, a candidate for the President of the United States, that the United States will protect only those who invest 2% of GDP in defence may push the Russian government to attempt to test the resolve of NATO.

    "The Alliance could not exist without U.S. support for the protection of allies that are attacked. Therefore, the statement of Mr. Trump that the …

  • Campaign representative: Trump supports Ukraine, not Russia

    The U.S. presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, supports Ukraine and does not approve of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, according to his representative and former Governor of Maryland, Robert Elrich, Ukrinform news agency reported.

    "With respect to Ukraine, he [Trump] has officially declared that he is in support of Ukraine," the representative of the candidate said. He cited Trump, stating that the alliance between Ukraine and the U.S.A. is "very strong." "As …

  • Peskov: Putin is ready to meet with Trump in Russia

    The Press Secretary for the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to meet with the candidates for U.S. President, Interfax reports.

    "I want you to note the words of President Vladimir Putin. He is ready to welcome and communicate with any candidate who advocates for the development of relations and dialogue between our two countries. Russia is looking for good relations, seeking cooperation. Accordingly, Moscow is willing to …

  • The Kremlin regrets that Russia is being used in the US presidential election

    The Kremlin regrets that Russia has become an “inseparable part of America’s election campaign”, Reuters reported, citing Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peksov.

    "Of course we would like our country to be mentioned only positively, but to our regret we know that the Russian card and mentioning our president have practically become an inseparable part of America's election campaign," Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

    On Tuesday, Republican nominee Donald Trump blamed Russia for the broken ceasefire …

  • McFaul is worried that Trump adviser will be appointed as US Ambassador to Russia

    There are fears in the US that one of Donald Trump’s advisors may become an official representative of the country. Trump is currently running for president as the official candidate of the Republican Party.

    “I would be worried if one of Trump’s advisers became our next ambassador to Russia,” the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, said to Politico newspaper.

    The diplomat went on to say that there is concern about “many statements made in relation to Russia”.

    The Republican …