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  • Nadiya Savchenko was expelled from the Batkivshchyna faction

    The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko, on Thursday, December 15th, was expelled from the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) faction, as reported by the press service of Batkivshchyna. According to the statement, Savchenko was included in the electoral list during the elections in 2014 so as to free the former pilot from Russian captivity. However, "life has shown that the principles and political convictions of Savchenko do not coincide with that of Batkivshchyna," the statement read. The …

  • Savchenko spoke of her meeting with Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky

    The Deputy of Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko, said that she met with the leadership of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republic (LPR and DPR), Igor Plotnitsky and Alexander Zakharchenko, and "the Russian side" was also present. On Monday, December 12, she said this in her speech at the Sofia Square in Kyiv, 112 Ukraine TV channel reports.

    "Yes, there was a meeting in trilateral Minsk format where 'the Russian side', Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky were present. The meeting aimed …

  • Savchenko met with separatists in the Donbas

    Speaking at a PACE session, Verkhovna Rada MP and former prisoner Nadiya Savchenko stated that she was recently in separatist-held territory and met with the people who had held her captive for two years.

    “For those who want to understand and know what is happening in the Donbas, in the occupied territory where I was held pretty recently, I met with people who quite recently held me captive—these people realized what Russia is and what they’re dealing with,” she said.

    According to Savchenko, …

  • Savchenko: Due to corruption in the Ukrainian Army, soldiers are poorly equipped

    Ukrainian MP and former Russian prisoner Nadiya Savchenko has stated that Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Donbas are inadequately equipped, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

    According to her, Ukrainian soldiers are given low-quality clothing and shoes, as well as weapons that are technologically obsolete.

    “I always ride with the military units on the frontline, and at trainings, and I see the stuff that is provided by our Army. And as a member of the Committee on National Security and Defense, I …

  • Plotnitsky orders creation of working group for negotiations with Savchenko

    Plotnitsky offered to hold a meeting in the occupied territory.

    The leader of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR,) Igor Plotnitsky, ordered the establishment of a workgroup to hold negotiations with a member of the Ukrainian parliament, Nadiya Savchenko, as reported by the separatist website, Luhansk Information Center.

    "It’s not a secret that Savchenko asked and continues to ask for a meeting. I’ve already tried to explain that nobody is against talking about peace issues. But she …

  • Zakharchenko is ready to meet with Savchenko

    One of the separatist leaders in the Donbas, Alexander Zakharchenko, declared that he is ready to meet with the Batkivshchyna party deputy in the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko. This was reported in the separatists’ official statement on Monday, July 25, 2016.

    “A meeting is possible. However, first I need to understand what we would discuss. This neutral meeting [could be a PR strategy by] Savchenko. I'm willing to hear suggestions for the agenda. If Savchenko offers to discuss specific and …

  • Savchenko is ready to head the Ministry of Defense

    A member of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko, expressed her readiness to head the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

    “Yes, I would agree…I would legalize things that are happening anyway. In the Ukrainian army, a captain commands a brigade; he is not even a colonel. A captain can handle a mission. There were instances, such as during the seizure of the Kramatorsk airfield by separatists, where one group was headed by a colonel, another one by a major and the third one by a captain. Only the …

  • Savchenko expects that Ukraine will move in the same direction as Europe

    Ukrainian MP and official delegate to the Parliamentary Council of Europe Nadiya Savchenko expects that Ukraine will move in the same direction as Europe, UNIAN reported.

    "First of all, I returned, and I just started to work. That’s my job.  On the other hand, I expect movement in the same direction as Europe; agreements, understanding and clear action,” Savchenko said before the PACE session in Strasbourg.

    Savchenko was held in a Russian prison for nearly two years, and on May 25th was freed …

  • Savchenko calls for early Vekhovna Rada elections

    The current Ukrainian government has not met the expectations of the people, claimed Nadiya Savchenko. According to her, "it is necessary to bring some fresh blood into politics."

    The Ukrainian woman, pilot and deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadiya Savchenko, called for early parliamentary elections in Ukraine aimed to "bring fresh blood into politics."

    The current Ukrainian government has not met the expectations of the people after the change of power in the country, said the aviator in an …

  • Savchenko proposes holding direct talks with separatist leaders

    During an interview with Radio Era, Nadiya Savchenko proposed holding direct talks with the leaders of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic, RBC-Ukraine reported.

    Savchenko stressed that she wants “to find understanding with these people.”

    “We need to learn to forgive... not everything can be forgiven, but everything can be dealt with and backed up by the laws later,” Savchenko said.

    Savchenko outlined three steps to end the war in eastern Ukraine, including …