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  • Retired Russian Major General killed in skies over Ukraine

    Retired Major General of the Russian Air Force, Kanamat Botashev, was reportedly killed in the skies over Ukraine when his Sukhoi Su-25 was shot down by a Stinger MANPADS on May 22nd in the Luhansk region.

    It is unclear how the 63-year-old retired general found himself carrying out combat operations in Ukraine. Some speculate that his participation signifies the difficulty of the Russian Air Force’s missions over Ukraine, or that it indicates that there is a lack of high-quality pilots in …

  • US intelligence is reportedly helping Ukraine target Russian generals

    The United States has reportedly provided intelligence to the Ukrainian military that has allowed Ukrainian forces to target and kill many of the Russian generals who have died in action during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the New York Times reported. Ukrainian officials claim 12 Russian generals have been killed in Ukraine.

    According to senior US officials, Washington has focused on providing details about Russian military mobile headquarters in the field, which often relocate. Ukraine has …