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  • Russian missile ships conduct exercises in the Black Sea

    A group of ships from the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted missile firing exercises in the Black Sea and returned to the naval base in annexed Sevastopol, reported Alexei Rulev, the head of the fleet’s press service.

    "Together with missile ships Ivanovets and R-60, which carried out the missile test firing, 14 ships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet returned to the permanent deployment places. They participated in the closure of the marine test site to ensure the safety of civilian …

  • Experts predict inevitable collapse of Russian Navy

    Extreme measures will be required to deal with the critical problems faced by the Russian above-water shipbuilding industry, 3rd rank captain Maxim Klimov wrote on the website

    He claims that the “short-range ships are worn, outdated, and have effectively lost combat significance,” and that the “long-range ships are outdated, worn, expensive to run, and remain only a few units”. By the start of the 2020s, Klimov believes that this will lead to an inevitable navy “collapse”. The expert …

  • Russia sends two frigates to reinforce its Mediterranean flotilla

    Two frigates from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, the Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen, have set out from Sevastopol to join the Russian squadron in the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry’s website reported.

    “Making the transition by sea, the ships performed a range of ship combat exercises at the fleet’s combat training sites in the Black Sea,” the report states.

    As part of the drills, Ka-27PL helicopters took off and landed from the frigates’ decks. The frigates also searched …

  • Estonia: Russian fleet trying press NATO out of Baltic Sea

    Russia is trying to press NATO ships out of the Baltic Sea, said Estonian Defense Minister Jüri Luik.

    “This is happening in international waters. It is a violation of the good tone rules of seafaring. An active arming of the region is taking place. It is happening absolutely without reason and is evidence of the increase in aggression in our region,” he said.

    According to the minister, the Russian Navy is attempting to influence NATO through frequent flights over ships at low altitudes and …