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  • Media: Russian submarines are ‘sitting ducks’

    The Russian news outlet Military Industrial Courier writes that Russian missile submarines have become easy targets for enemy anti-submarine ships. According to the Courier, if there is a war, the Russian submarines will be destroyed before they even have time to launch their missiles.

    The article notes that Russian missile submarines set out into the open ocean on combat duty, but even at their own bases they are visible to satellite tracking and vulnerable to a preventative strike.

    “The …

  • Russia’s Admiral Kasatonov frigate enters White Sea for weapons testing

    “Admiral Kasatonov”, the latest Russian frigate of the project 22350 class, has proceeded to the next stage of factory tests, which are being conducted in parallel with state tests. The ship’s crew will be testing the on-board weapons at maritime test ranges in the White Sea, Russia’s North Fleet announced in a press statement.

    “On Wednesday, the first serial frigate of project 22350, ‘Fleet Admiral Kasatonov’, entered the White Sea from Severodvinsk for the next stage of mobile factory tests. …

  • US Navy artillery’s range now triple that of Russia’s naval guns

    The US has managed to extend its artillery range to 50 km with its new Excalibur N5 shell. The shots were fired from an MK45 Mod. 4 ship-based artillery system, which has a basic range of 15-16 km. However, long distance shots are typically less accurate and lead to an overexpenditure of ammunition.

    The new 127 mm shell was developed by Raytheon, and has been equipped with a special GPS navigation system, which enables it to be accurate despite the range boost to 48.1 km. Satisfactory results …

  • Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov enters White Sea to test new weapons

    The Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” has arrived in the White Sea to test a new missile weapon, Russia’s Northern Fleet announced in a press statement.

    According to the statement, the frigate arrived at the White Sea Naval Base, where it will be prepared to test a new missile weapon. The vessel will fire live shots at one of the Northern Fleet’s maritime test ranges.

    “Today, the lead frigate of project 22350, ‘Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov’, entered the Northern Fleet’s …

  • Russia aims to reinforce Baltic Fleet with Kalibr-armed submarines

    Russia’s Chief Naval Command is discussing the possibility of building Kalibr cruise missile-armed project 636.3 submarines for the Baltic Fleet, TASS reports, citing two sources in the shipbuilding sector.

    Russia’s Pacific and Black Sea Fleets already possess submarines of this class.

    One of the sources told TASS that the Black Sea Fleet can accommodate fewer of the submarines than the other fleets. Russia’s Chief Naval Command declined to comment on the matter.

    Russian Kalibr sea-based …

  • Russian submarines can only launch Bulava ballistic missiles from west to east

    Russia’s Borei-A class strategic missile submarine K-549 “Knyaz Vladimir” has launched an RS-30 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time, hitting a target at the Kura Test Range in Kamchatka, the Russian Defense Ministry announced, specifying that the missile was launched from submerged position.

    A source close to the Defense Ministry told Vedomosti news outlet that the Bulava left the silo of the missile submarine in the White Sea at 17:57 on Tuesday and …

  • Russian Navy escorts US warship in Black Sea

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet started escorting the US Navy destroyer USS Porter, which entered the southern part of the Black Sea, reports TASS news agency, citing the Russian National Defense Management Center.

    The Center notes that constant monitoring of the American battleship is carried out by the forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet. The Russian Admiral Essen frigate, small rocket ships Vyshny Volochyok and Orekhovo-Zuyevo, are involved in direct monitoring l of the ship's maneuvers. …

  • Russian Navy escorts US warship in Black Sea

    On Sunday, September 15, the Russian Black Sea Fleet started escorting the transport ship USNS Yuma, which entered Black Sea waters at around 17:30, Interfax reports, citing Russia’s National Defense Management Center.

    “The designated on-duty forces and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet are continuously tracking the American ship,” the article states.

    At the end of June, the Yuma brought a battalion of US marines and vehicles to Odessa, Ukraine, for the Sea Breeze 2019 exercise. According to …

  • 14 Russians killed by fire in deep-water submersible

    14 Russian sailors were killed by a fire on board a deepwater nuclear submersible, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday.

    The fire broke out on 1 July. The submariners were in Russian territorial waters in a submersible designed to study the sea floor. Their deaths resulted from poisoning by combustion byproducts. According to the local media, the accident took place on Monday evening at about 9 PM Moscow time.

    The exact number of people on board is not known. According to …

  • Critical flaws found in latest Russian submarines

    For the immediate foreseeable future, even the latest Russian submarines will lack effective anti-torpedo protection, claims military expert Maxim Klimov in an article for the Russian news outlet Military Review, after analyzing Izvestia’s interview with Konstantin Drobot, chief designer of the Paket-E/NK anti-torpedo system.

    The expert bases his conclusion on the example of the K-560 “Severodvinsk”, the primary submarine in project 885 “Yasen”. The vessel was adopted into Russia’s North Fleet …