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  • Nine political parties demand return of Saakashvili to Ukraine

    Nine political parties in Ukraine have signed a joint statement demanding authorities to ensure the return of the former President of Georgia and ex-governor of the Odessa region, Mikheil Saakashvili, to Ukraine and provide him with an opportunity to defend his interests in court.

    The statement was backed by the following political parties: Fatherland, Democratic Alliance, Civic Position, People’s Control, the European Party of Ukraine, Samopomich (Self-Reliance), Svoboda, Hvylya (The Wave), …

  • Kiev District Administrative Court bans Communist Party

    In a controversial decision, the District Administrative Court of Kiev ruled to sustain the order of the Ukrainian Justice Ministry in full, banning the activities of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

    The relevant information is available on the court’s website.

    The Justice Ministry had brought a lawsuit against the Communist Party, requesting a ban on all activities of the political party. On Wednesday, Kiev’s Administrative Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff after deliberations with the …