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  • Moldovan MPs demand explanation from prime minister after Ukraine lifts sanctions from Metallurgical Plant in Transnistria at his request

    A group of Moldovan parliamentarians demanded an explanation from the Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip regarding the letter he wrote to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in which he requested to remove sanctions from the Moldovan Metallurgical Plant (MMP), the largest taxpayer in the so-called Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, reports Radio Liberty.

    “What are the legal requirements of MMPs under Moldovan legislation that guarantees the factory's withdrawal from the sanctions of a …

  • Moldovan Prime Minister and Transnistrian leader meet personally for the first time

    On November 18, Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip and President of the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky officially opened a bridge for transport across the Dniester River near the Gura Bicului and Bicioc settlements, Moldovan news outlet NewsMaker reports.

    Movement across the bridge was initially scheduled to begin on November 20. However, the decision to allow movement immediately was made by Filip and Krasnoselsky directly on the bridge, where they met in person for …

  • Moldovan Prime Minister wants to send military to exercises in Ukraine despite Dodon's ban

    The Government of the Republic of Moldova will seek the participation of Moldovan military in the international exercise Rapid Trident-2017 in Ukraine, stated Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip at a cabinet meeting.

    He urged the ministers to find an opportunity to send a Moldovan contingent to the exercises.

    "The trip to the exercises in Ukraine was canceled a day before. Before that five other trips were canceled the same way. I believe that there is no reason for this. It's no secret that …

  • Protesters Surround Parliament Building in Moldova

    In Moldova, supporters of the opposition parties gathered in protest at the Parliament building in Chisinau on January 20th after lawmakers voted to approve a new government headed by a new pro-European Prime Minister, Pavel Filip. According to some reports, protesters also attempted to break into the Parliament building.

    On Wednesday, the Moldovan Parliament approved a new pro-European government, ending a political crisis that lasted months. 57 out of 101 deputies voted for a government …