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  • International Paralympic Committee determined the conditions to restore Russia's membership

    The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has requested that the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) halt legal proceedings regarding the defense of the rights of Russian athletes in order to restore the membership of the RPC. The chairman of the Executive Committee of the Russian Paralympic Committee, Pavel Rozhkov, stated this at the meeting of the Federation Council on social policy, Interfax reported.

    “We have sent a second request to the International Paralympic Committee on criteria …

  • German gold medalist returns medal in protest of decision to allow Russia to participate in Rio Olympics

    A German table-tennis player from the late 1950s – early 1960s, former President of the German Table Tennis Federation and a member of the National Olympic Committee of Germany, Hans Wilhelm Gäb, returned his Olympic medal which he received in 2006. He explained that he was doing so as a result of his disagreement with the decision of the IOC to allow the Russian national team to participate in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, reports

    Gäb also reflected his protest in a letter sent …

  • German Athletic Associaion calls for banning Russia from participating in summer Olympics

    German sports functionaries have called for Russia be barred from participating in the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in connection with the expanding scandal around the use of doping in Russian sports, DW reports.

    "This is a very serious accusation. If stimulants are used in Russia so systematically, then the Russian team shouldn't go to the summer games in Rio,” said Clemens Prokop, the president of the German Athletics Association.

    The CEO of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, …