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  • European Court of Human Rights calls for an end to Sentsov’s hunger strike

    In a statement made on July 25, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) called on the Russian Federation to provide convicted Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov with treatment in a medical institution appropriate to his condition.

    "The Court today decided to apply an interim measure and to indicate to the Russian Government that Mr Sentsov should receive treatment appropriate to his condition in an institutionalized medical setting without delay. The Court also invited the applicant to end …

  • Sentsov's cousin calls for boycott of some Ukrainian media outlets

    In an interview with Hromadske, Natalia Kaplan, cousin to imprisoned Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov called for a boycott of several Ukrainian media outlets. She called for boycotting 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, Inter TV and publisher because, according to her, they took the “side of the enemy” in the information war.

    As Kaplan explained, the TV channel 112 Ukraine called her and put on air with the Ukrainian MP, Evgeny Murayev. “I was on the air with Murayev... He began to tell me that I …

  • Media: Russia admits possibility of Sentsov exchange

    Alexei Kondratyev, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Federation Council Defense and Security Committee, stated on July 2 that the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov could be included in the list for a prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine.

    As reported by the Russian Izvestia newspaper, Kondratyev said: “I think Sentsov can get [on the list]. The issue of his exchange has repeatedly been raised by the Ukrainian side, and his name is still relevant [for exchange].”

    On July 2, the First Deputy …

  • Czech Senators ask Putin to release Sentsov

    Czech Senators wrote a letter to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin calling for the release of the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov who was illegally imprisoned in Russia, as reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic on Twitter.

    "Each injustice caused by the State to any person that was later redressed reduces future tension and contributes to recovery of the society. That is why the release of Sentsov will be a sort of cure for your country,” the statement reads.

    The …