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  • Belarus threatens to use tactical nuclear weapons in response to sovereignty threats

    Belarus is ready to use tactical nuclear weapons should its sovereignty or independence come under threat, said the First Deputy Defence Minister and Chief of the General Staff, Pavel Muraveiko, as cited by the state news agency BELTA.

    Muraveiko stated that Belarus has gained the expertise to handle weapons of mass destruction and would resort to their use if necessary. He noted the likelihood of deploying such weaponry, acquired from Moscow, under dire circumstances.

    "We have learned to …

  • Poland scrambles fighter jets amid Russian missile strikes on Ukraine

    Poland has once again scrambled its fighters into the air in response to a Russian attack targeting infrastructure in Ukraine, according to the Operational Command of Poland’s Armed Forces.

    "Tonight saw intense activity by the Russian Federation's long-range aviation, involving strikes using cruise missiles, Shahed-type unmanned aerial vehicles, and ballistic missiles. These were directed at, among other targets, infrastructure in western Ukraine," reads the statement.

    The Polish military …

  • Russian reconnaissance ship monitors NATO exercises off German coast

    Russian reconnaissance ship Vasily Tatischev has been spotted observing NATO's annual BALTOPS exercises. The Russian vessel is currently situated in neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, between Kiel and the island of Fehmarn, the German tabloid Bild reported.

    Originating from Kaliningrad, the Vasily Tatischev navigated along Germany's northern coast and is now in neutral Baltic Sea waters between Kiel and Fehmarn.

    The Russian ship was escorted by a Danish Navy patrol boat and a German police …

  • Putin signals possible changes to Russia’s nuclear doctrine

    Russia may reconsider its nuclear doctrine in light of the West lowering the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons, said Russian president Vladimir Putin made this announcement at a press conference in Hanoi on Thursday, June 20.

    "We are currently contemplating what and how could be changed in this nuclear doctrine and strategy. This is related to the fact that new elements are appearing (in any case, we know that a potential adversary is working on this), connected with the lowering of the …

  • Russia relocates 80% of troops from Finland border to Ukraine

    Published satellite images reveal empty bases previously hosting Russian military equipment and personnel. Finnish news outlet Yle reports significant movement of Russian forces from the Finland border to Ukraine.

    Finnish intelligence confirms that up to 80% of the troops have relocated. The satellite images, revealed by Finnish journalists, show nearly deserted garrisons and military bases of Russian ground forces near the Finland border.

    Only obsolete equipment remains at some bases, and …

  • Romania upgrades strategic air base for Ukrainian F-16 deployment

    On June 11, Romanian Defence Minister Angel Tîlvăr announced extensive plans to expand and modernise the Mihail Kogălniceanu Air Base near the Ukrainian border. As noted by the news outlet Army Recognition, the official reason cited for this development is the perceived threat from the east. However, in the context of the situation in Ukraine, it may involve the deployment of F-16 fighters .

    Positioned less than 200 kilometres from the Ukrainian border, the airbase has long been utilised for …

  • Stoltenberg and Orban strike 'fair deal' over NATO missions in Ukraine

    Hungary opposes NATO missions in Ukraine and refuses to assist in this effort. However, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban assured, official Budapest will not "put obstacles in the way."

    Officially, Hungary has declined to participate in the North Atlantic Alliance's assistance programs for Ukraine, but it will not prevent other allies from providing support to Kyiv. This was stated by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg after talks in Budapest, according to Russian Interfax.

    "Hungary will …

  • Putin threatens asymmetric retaliation against Western countries supplying arms to Ukraine

    During a meeting with media representatives in St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia might deploy its long-range weaponry to regions around the globe to target "sensitive" sites in nations supplying arms to Ukraine, reports TASS.

    For the first time, Putin clearly stated how Moscow would respond to strikes on Russian territory by Western long-range weapons. He mentioned that Russia's response would be to the deployment of Western systems such as ATACAMS and …

  • NATO weighs no-fly zone over Ukraine amidst divided opinions

    Estonia, the UK, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, and France have expressed readiness to extend their support, while the US and Germany remain opposed.

    NATO member states are considering protecting the airspace over western Ukraine, reports BILD. While negotiations are ongoing, no final decision has been made yet.

    Estonia, the UK, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, and France are willing to expand their support to Kyiv and potentially operate within Ukraine itself. The US and Germany are against such …

  • Der Spiegel: Baltic states and Poland ready to intervene in Ukraine if Russia gains ground

    According to German magazine Der Spiegel, Baltic states and Poland are prepared to send their troops to Ukraine if the Russian military achieves significant successes on the battlefield. The magazine references comments from deputies of the Baltic countries.

    The potential for a strategic breakthrough by Russians in eastern Ukraine is high, attributed partly to the lack of robust support from Western countries. Sources from the publication note that Germany's inconsistent policies do not align …