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  • Estonian Intelligence: Russian aggression in Ukraine could spread to Baltic States

    Estonian Foreign Intelligence has estimated the strategic objectives of Russia and, according to them, the conflict in Ukraine may spread to Baltic countries.

    The military conflict in the Baltics may erupt due to miscalculations by the Russian command. This was stated in the annual report of the Foreign Intelligence of Estonia. According to the Delfi news portal, these miscalculations, in turn, could be the consequence of the Russians' view that there is a military threat from the West.

    The …

  • Stoltenberg: Russia is attempting to divide NATO

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that Russia is attempting to divide the alliance using various means.

    “What we have seen over long time is a more assertive Russia, using many different means to try to intimidate its neighbors and to try to also divide the NATO alliance,” Stoltenberg stated.

    The Secretary General went on to explain that NATO is responding to the threat using several strategies.

    “We are responding in a very unified way, adapting our …

  • Stoltenberg calls for rapid reform of Ukrainian Armed Forces

    The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, in a meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Stepan Poltorak, stressed the need to make decisions on reforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their effective implementation, according to the published report of the March 8th meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission.

    Jens Stoltenberg also assured him of NATO’s support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and noted that the Alliance will …

  • NATO troops participate in winter mountain training exercise in Georgia

    Basic winter mountain training as part of the NATO program, Partnership for Peace, is currently being conducted in Bajuriani, Goergia. This was stated on the website of the Georgian Ministry of Defense.

    According to Sputnik-Georgia, Military personnel from Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan are are participating in the exercises.

    These exercises are conducted by the trainers of the Sachkhere Mountain Training School.  At the end of the training, soldiers will …

  • General Breedlove recommends providing Ukraine with weapons

    Speaking at a hearing of the US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, General Philip Breedlove, said that he had recently recommended that the US provide Ukraine with lethal weapons.

    On Tuesday, March 1st, Breedlove stated that Europe is facing a "resurgent, aggressive Russia" that is seeking to reestablish a leading role on the world stage.

    "Russia has chosen to be an adversary and poses a long-term existential threat to the United States and to our …

  • Baltic States expect a larger NATO presence

    The Baltic States are expecting an expansion of NATO troops on their territory, as was stated by the head of the Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edgars Rinkēvičs.

    In July, at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, the Baltic States will need a “very strong statement” from the alliance that “will stay there until as long as we’ve got such a neighbor [Russia],” he said in an interview with the Washington Post.

    According to the Minister, he “is convinced that the NATO Military Contingent staying in the …

  • Georgian Defense Minister: Despite Russia’s statement, Georgia’s plan to join NATO is realistic

    The Defense Minister of Georgia, Tina Khidasheli, has stated that the Russian representative to the OSCE had publicly made a number of incorrect statements in his address. These statements were regarding Georgia's plan to join NATO, as reported by Ekho Kavkaz.

    In an interview on Saturday, Khidasheli said that the Russian official called Georgia’s plans to join NATO “unrealistic” and added that these plans will change after Georgia’s 2016 elections.

    “The Russian representative, as well as many …

  • Breedlove: Russia poses a long-term threat for the US and Europe

    Russia poses a long-term threat for the existence of US and Europe, the head of the US European Command and Supreme Allied Commander for NATO Allied Command Operations in Europe, Philip Breedlove stated. The security situation in Europe has become more complex and serious over the past months, Breedlove noted.

    Speaking to the House Armed Services Committee to report on the security situation in Europe, Breedlove pointed to a number of challenges such as Russia’s behavior, a massive influx of …

  • NATO to supply Ukraine with demining equipment for use in Donbas region

    NATO intends to supply Ukraine with equipment to be used in the clearing of land mines in the Donbas region.  This was reported by the Acting Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO, Yehor Bozhok, during the workshop entitled "Research challenges in the field of border security of Ukraine".

    “Ukraine will receive the demining equipment in the spring.  It will be ready by the beginning of the so-called season of clearance, which is in May,” Bozhok explained.  According to him, the need for this …

  • Ukraine and NATO to implement regional airspace security program

    Experts from NATO Regional Airspace Safety Program (RASP) and officials of Ukrainian Air Forces met on the 23rd of February under the guidance of Rene van der Heiden.  This was reported by the Press Service of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

    Thr key issue discussed was the technical-operational study of the implementation of the RASP project with regard to the security of the airspace in Ukraine.

    "The implementation of the RASP project will provide Ukraine with the possibility of cross- …