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  • USA in UN called on Russia to choose the path of peace

    Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the United Nations has called on Russia to take a path of peace by implementing the Minsk Agreement. At the UN Security Council's meeting on Ukraine, she called on Moscow to "choose the path of peace and implement the Minsk agreements." She cited this as the only hope of restoring peace in Ukraine. According to Power, some progress has been seen through the partial Minsk agreement implementation and ceasefire taken in the past six months.

    "The …

  • Serious threats of military escalation remain in Eastern Ukraine

    The conflict area in Donbass continues to be heavily militarized, and the threat of conflict escalation remains, the First Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Jan Eliasson, said at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Dec 11.

    "The conflict area remains heavily militarized. We see that a serious threat of escalation remains there," he said. According to Eliasson, most of the items of the "Minsk agreement" have not been achieved. And this situation jeopardizes the political process in …