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  • Russia delays production of 'Boeing competitor' due to US sanctions

    Russia has been forced to postpone the serial production of the passenger plane MS-21 due to US sanctions, TASS reports, citing Rostec director Sergey Chemezov. 

    “In connection with the fact that the Americans have stopped the supply of composite materials, we are transitioning to our own composite materials,” he said. As a result, the deadline for launching serial production of the MS-21 has been “shifted slightly” to the end of 2020. Earlier it was expected that the first planes would be …

  • New russian MC-21 airliner 50% more expensive than Elon Musk rockets

    The project to develop the mid-range MC-21 aircraft, included in the Russian government’s innovative rebuilding of the economy plan in 2008, has become 130% more expensive over the course of its existence, reports

    The completion deadline was missed, and instead of two models, a 300 and a 400, the project was downsized to one, according to a report published by Russia’s Accounts Chamber on Thursday.

    During the course of the project, the time needed to develop the plane grew to three …