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  • U.S. cuts off Lukashenko from main foreign currency source

    Belarus began to have problems with the sale of oil products abroad, a key source of income in hard foreign currency for the country's economy.

    Argus Media reports, citing market sources, that European banks began to refuse to finance deals after the US announced the imposition of sanctions against the largest Belarusian refinery Naftan.

    Although the sanctions officially come into force in June and formally apply only to American legal entities, the payment for Belarusian goods in dollars has …

  • Putin and Lukashenko agree to strengthen military cooperation

    Russia and Belarus intend to expand cooperation in the defense field. "There are acute questions that need to be strengthened, including security, including defense in our union state," self-proclaimed Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

    According to Lukashenko, Moscow and Minsk will draw through their cooperation lines which no one should cross, and will adequately answer to those who do not understand that in this …

  • Russian FSB claims to have prevented military coup in Belarus and assassination attempt on Lukashenko

    On April 17, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced that it detained two people who allegedly were preparing a military coup in Belarus and an assassination attempt on the self-proclaimed president Alexander Lukashenko, TASS reports.

    "The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, together with the Committee of State Security of the Republic of Belarus (KGB), as a result of the special operation, foiled the illegal activities of Yuri Zyankovich, who has dual citizenship …

  • Putin calls Lukashenko to discuss ‘threats coming from the West’

    Russian President Vladimir Putin called Alexander Lukashenko and discussed with him "external threats from the Western direction,"reported the Telegram channel "Pool of The First" close to Lukashenko's press service.

    It is noted that the presidents spoke for about half an hour and decided that "it is in the interests of both countries to develop integration processes and strengthen multifaceted cooperation."

    "One of the main themes: epidemiology. Focus on vaccination and vaccine production. …

  • Putin gives Lukashenko $19 million and defers loan payments for two years

    Russia is once again extending a financial helping hand to self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

    In the next two years, Minsk will be able to not pay Russia $906 million in installments for the loan provided for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. According to Interfax, the relevant protocol was ratified by the Russian Federation Council.

    Under the new terms, Minsk's payments to Russia will be reduced by 3.5 times, to 370.8 million dollars.

    The …

  • Belarusian opposition releases documentary about Lukashenko's hidden fortunes

    Belarusian oppositionist has released an investigation into the corruption of the self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. The film was published on the YouTube channel NEXTA.

    The film talks about Lukashenko's real estate and provides a list of his residences. In addition, the authors of the investigation speak about Lukashenko's car collection, which is worth 4 million, and his large aircraft fleet. NEXTA journalists also said that Lukashenko has his own "special harem".

    " …

  • Lukashenko: Russia may deploy warplanes to Belarus

    Self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has not ruled out the possibility of deployment of Russian warplanes to Belarus, reports Lukashenko’s press service.

    Lukashenko recalled that in 2014, during the Ice Hockey World Championships, Russian planes were in the country and were on duty together with the Belarusian Air Force. According to Lukashenko, the countries could continue to use this experience.

    "Give us these planes. Both Russians and Belarusians should fly these …

  • Lukashenko gives his son rank of general

    Self-proclaimed president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko dismissed his eldest son Viktor from the post of Presidential Assistant for National Security and gave him the rank of reserve Major General, reported Lukashenko’s press service.

    Viktor Lukashenko is 45 years old. He has served as an assistant to the President of Belarus since 2005. Since 2007, Lukashenko’s son has been a member of the Belarusian Security Council. On February 26, Viktor Lukashenko replaced his father as head of the …

  • Two Belarusian journalists sentenced for live streaming protests in Minsk

    Two journalists of the Belarusian TV channel Belsat, Katerina Bakhvalova and Daria Chultsova, were sentenced to two years in prison for live streaming protests from the Square of Changes in Minsk.

    As reported by the news outlet TUT. BY, it took only three days for the Frunzen District Court of Minsk to hear the case. Bakhvalova and Chultsova were found guilty of "organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order".

    On November 15, 2020, the Belsat journalists were broadcasting …

  • Lukashenko asks Putin for another $3 billion

    President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is counting on a new loan from Russia in addition to the $1.5 billion allocated by Moscow in August.

    At the end of February, Lukashenko intends to fly to Sochi for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the agreement on a new Russian loan will be finalized.

    Lukashenko wants another $3 billion. He asked the Kremlin for permission to spend the funds left over from the previous loan for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, …