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  • India to follow China in importing Russian timber

    Following China’s example, India now intends to start importing timber from Siberia and the Russian Far East.

    According to the India Times, the possibility of importing more timber from Russia was discussed between August 11-13 in Vladivostok, Russia, during a visit by an Indian delegation that was led by Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal and included the heads of four Indian states and 140 Indian companies.

    On the Russian side, the talks were attended by Deputy Prime Minister …

  • India acquires Russian air-to-air missiles for Su-30MKI fighter jets

    India and Russia signed an agreement for the supply of a batch of R-27 aircraft missiles, which will be used for Su-30MKI fighter jets of the Indian Air Force, reports Asian News International news agency.

    According to this information, the cost of the contract was 15 billion rupees (more than $200 million). These missiles have increased range and will allow fighters to hit enemy aircraft from a long distance, notes ANI.

    The news agency does not reveal any other details of the agreement.

  • Israel to produce 1000 Barak 8 missiles for India

    One of the largest Israeli arms exporters Rafael (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.) signed a contract with KRAS company to produce 1,000 medium-range missiles for the Barak 8 anti-aircraft missile systems, developed jointly by Israel and India. The amount of a deal is $100 million.

    Under the terms of the agreement, KRAS will act as a subcontractor and will be responsible for the assembly, integration, and testing of missiles in India. KRAS is a joint venture between Rafael and the Indian …

  • Russia creates secret arms payment mechanism with India

    After nearly a year of being at an impasse, Russia’s arms deal negotiations with India have moved forward.

    Moscow and Delhi have agreed to a new settlement scheme for defense contracts, which have been under US sanctions since 2018, said Vladimir Drozhzhov, deputy director of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, on Tuesday.

    The details of how this mechanism works are classified, Drozhzhov emphasized. The scheme, which is “fully agreed upon”, is “permanent and mutually …

  • India dissatisfied with Russian missiles

    India intends to replace Russian surface-to-air missiles with weapons from Israel. The decision was made after defects were found in the Russian-made missiles R-77 in February 2019, when Pakistan F-16 fighter jet shot Indian MiG-21 aircraft from a distance of 100 kilometers using the AIM-120 rocket, reports the Russian news outlet.

    At the same time, the Indian Air Force could not strike back at the F-16 fighter, as the R-77 missile could not engage the target.

    India wants to replace …

  • India to buy Russian S-400 missile system

    Indian authorities decided to buy S-400 missile system from Russia since these systems are used in China, reports Moneycontrol news website.

    According to the publication, India doesn't intend to use the Russian S-400 missile system for defense purposes but plans to research their tactical and technical capabilities. The country also plans to test its Rafale fighter aircraft — in particular, their ability to penetrate China's airspace, which is protected by the S-400 missile systems.

    Also, it …

  • Ukraine develops electromagnetic weapon

    The Ukrainian state enterprise Spetstechnoexport, which is a subsidiary of the state defense concern Ukroboronprom, announced that Ukraine has developed and begun production of an electromagnetic weapon designed to destroy various types of military radio-electronic devices, including power supplies and data transmission systems.

    Development of this technology was made possible through foreign investments. Between 2014-2015, Spetstechnoexport looked for foreign partners who would be willing to …

  • India to start joint production of Kalashnikov rifles with Russia

    On Sunday, March 3, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the launched the production of Kalashnikov rifles together with Russia. Manufacturing will start at the Korwa City Ordnance Factory in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

    In December 2019, Russian Deputy Defence Minister Colonel-General Alexander Fomin reported that the production of Kalashnikov rifles in India could be established.

    The joint venture will produce AK-203 model rifles that will replace Indian-made INSAS rifles …

  • Putin invites India’s Prime Minister to the Eastern Economic Forum as the main guest

    On January 7th, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a telephone conversation.

    The Kremlin press service reports that the leaders warmly exchanged New Year’s wishes. Narendra Modi also expressed his best wishes to the Russian people in connection with Christmas.

    According to the Kremlin press service, the key issues of the bilateral agenda were discussed.  

    Putin wished Modi success in the scheduled upcoming parliamentary elections.

    The sides agreed …

  • India rejects Russian MiG-29 fighter jets due to constant malfunctions

    India has decided not to buy MiG-29K 4th generation carrier-based multirole fighters from Russia, due to their constant malfunctions, Russian news outlets report.

    The reports have been confirmed by the MiG Corporation.

    According to the Indian military, the Russian-made planes are “riddled with problems”. Specialists have found issues with the quality of the airframe, the control system, and the simulator program for training.

    The most serious problems have been with the power unit, with 40 …