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  • German Deputies Advise Poroshenko to Request the Resignation of the Ukranian Prosecutor General

    The Committee on EU Affairs of the German Bundestag is concerned over the process of reforms in Ukraine. The members of the delegation of the German Parliament stated this on the 2nd of February at a press conference in Kiev after a number of meetings with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian government and other non-governmental organizations.

    “We recognize the progress of Ukraine in the process of making reforms. Many laws were adopted but now they should be brought to life. …

  • Merkel Urges Putin to Bring Peace to Donbas

    On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a telephone conference with President Vladimir Putin, as reported on the website of the Government of Germany.  “The conversation mostly focused on the status of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.  Merkel had also discussed this topic the previous day with Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, in Berlin,” the statement continued.

    Merkel made it clear to Putin that the Russian government must observe the ceasefire on Ukraine’s eastern …

  • For Putin, Merkel is the Main Obstacle to the Lifting of Sanctions

    President Vladimir Putin is convinced that the lifting of sanctions against Russia is dependent upon German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

    This was reported by Deutsche Welle and was based on reports by German political scientist and an expert of the German Council on Foreign Relations, Stefan Meister.  Meister notes that Putin’s administration believes that Merkel has become the main obstacle to the lifting of these sanctions.

    “According to Putin, the main problem is Merkel.  In the event that …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Ministry calls on OSCE to react to human rights violations in Crimea

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has called on the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to react to human rights violations in Crimea and other regions of Ukraine which are beyond the control of the country.  This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Department of International Organizations of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Vasyl Pokotylo, at a round table dedicated to Germany’s presidency of the OSCE in 2016.Pokotylo continued, “We believe that the …

  • Steinmeier: There Is No Justification for Using Children for Propaganda

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, stated that using children for political propaganda is unacceptable. “There should be no justification for using an innocent, 13-year-old girl for political propaganda,” Steinmeier said.

    On January 16th, the Russian First Channel aired a program about temporary suspension of the Schengen Agreement because of cases of violence in Germany. During the segment a story was told about an underage girl named Lisa from a Russian- …

  • Russian-German Demonstration Held in Berlin

    In front of the Chancellor’s home in Berlin, there was a demonstration held in response to the alleged abduction and rape of a 13-year-old girl by refugees.  According to prosecutors she consented to the sexual contact.  Nearly 700 “Russian Germans” who live in Berlin attended the demonstration under the slogan "Stop violence from migrants." Among the demonstrators were also those known to the police as the Berlin Neo-Nazis.

    As the demonstrators stressed their Russian origin, the newspaper …

  • Merkel's party takes new stance on refugees

    After the attacks on women in Cologne on New Year's Eve, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which is led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, argued for stricter laws concerning refugees. At the meeting in Mainz the party leaders unanimously adopted a new stance. This was reported by N-TV on Saturday, January 9th.

    If approved, the amendments would mean that refugees would lose the right to asylum if they were given suspended sentences. Earlier, the management of the CDU was planning to …

  • Self-Defense Units Spring Up In Germany in Response to Cologne Assaults

    German publication Focus reports that in Germany, residents of cities are beginning to create teams of street patrols. This comes after Cologne and other cities experienced dozens of attacks on women during New Year's Eve.

    After Germany's Minister of Internal Affairs accused the police of being passive, German citizens concerned about their safety began to join neighborhood patrol groups. For example, a page on Facebook called "Düsseldorf monitors" already has 2300 subscribers.

    The …

  • Germany Warns of Possible Deportation for Cologne Assaulters

    The individuals responsible for committing sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne on New Year’s Eve may face deportation if they are not German citizens, warned the Federal Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, during an interview with CNN.

    “The law allows for the deportation of a person, even during the asylum process, if he is sentenced to more than a one-year imprisonment. It is also possible when sexual offences are committed,” the Minister explained.

    The police received more than 120 …