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  • Zelensky's administration presents military doctrine

    The team of recently elected President Vladimir Zelensky released a new “military doctrine”. Ivan Aparshin, Zelensky’s advisor on issues of security and defense, passed the document on to a Novoye Vremya journalist.

    The document emphasizes that security and defense issues are the exclusive responsibility of the president. The administration promises that it will be guided by standards adopted by NATO member states in leading the defense force.

    Zelensky’s team intends to adapt its military …

  • Russia to reinforce Black Sea Fleet with Bastion missile systems

    In 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry will continue to reinforce its Black Sea Fleet with K300-P Bastion coastal defense missile systems armed with supersonic Onyx anti-ship cruise missiles, Interfax reported, citing a source familiar with the situation. 

    “In 2019, three missile battalions are expected [to be added]. They will be part of the coastal and ground forces of the Pacific, Northern and Black Sea Fleets,” the statement reads. These are the same types of missile systems already …