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  • Media: FSB arrested hackers involved in publication of Putin aide's correspondence

    The Russian Federal Security Service detained the alleged founder of the Shaltay-Boltay (Humpty-Dumpty) website, Vladimir Anikeev, who gained notoriety after publishing the correspondence of high-level officials. The detention took place in October 2016. On the 28th of January 2017, Rosbalt reported on this event with a reference to its own source. Anikeev was taken into custody in Saint Petersburg after arriving from Ukraine.

    According to the edition, he was engaged in publishing the …

  • Ukrainian representative: There are Russian FSB and GRU officers in the OSCE Mission

    The Ukrainian representative to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire (JCCC), General Borys Kremenetsky, is certain that the Russian officers assigned to the OSCE mission are career officers of the Russian Special Services, as stated in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda.

    The Major-General admitted that the episode where Ukrainian servicemen did not allow the OSCE patrol to withdraw weapon storage sites until they were sure that there were no Russians involved is a …

  • Media: Lithuania stopped the creation of a data center because of its ties to the FSB

    The Lithuanian authorities have taken measures to stop the implementation of the entrepreneurial plans to build the country’s largest data center near Vilnius. According to the BNS, the Lithuanian Intelligence warned that such a data center could be connected to the Russian “spy center.”

    The head of the VSD agency, Darius Yaunishkis, confirmed that based on data from the State Security Department (VSD), a government commission came to a negative conclusion concerning the Arcus Novus company’s …

  • Russian agency proposes maintaining strict record of Ukrainians in the Crimea

    The Russian Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs has offered to maintain strict records of individuals who enter the territory of the Crimea from mainland Ukraine, as stated by the Deputy Head of the Monitoring, Analysis and Forecast Department of the FANF, Andrey Komissarov, TASS reports.

    Komissarov believes an immigration regime in the Crimea should be established "taking into account its strategically important location and the conflict between neighboring Ukraine.”

    "Just on December 13 …

  • Russian journalist: Ukrainians are becoming the Kremlin's bargaining chip

    Any Ukrainian living in the territory of Russia or the annexed Crimea may become a bargaining chip for the Kremlin, as expressed by the Russian journalist, Alexander Podrabinek, in the evening broadcast of Krym.Realii radio.

    "A Ukrainian in the territory of Russia is subjected to Russian law enforcement agencies’ increased attention, and I generally would not advise Ukrainians to live in Russia; I’d rather advise them to run away like lightning, because they may be at risk of detention or …

  • Lysenko: FSB is 'juggling with facts' to accuse former Crimean servicemen of espionage

    The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has been juggling the facts in order to accuse former servicemen in the annexed Crimea of espionage or subversive-investigative activities on behalf of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, as stated by a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the ATO, Andriy Lysenko, to Krym.Realii on November 24th.

    "As we had predicted, the Russian FSB is using the databases and personnel files of former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the …

  • Russian FSB detains former naval officer who is accused of passing information to Ukrainian intelligence

    A former Russian officer of the Black Sea Fleet has been detained by the FSB in the Crimean city of Sevastopol for allegedly providing information to Ukrainian intelligence agencies, TASS reported.

    "On November 22, Russia’s Federal Security Service detained a former officer of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, reserves Captain II rank Leonid Parkhomenko," a source told the Russian news agency.

    "Parkhomenko was fulfilling tasks given to him by the Ukrainian military intelligence, and provided …

  • Former Putin bodyguard becomes new deputy head of the FSB

    The Federal Security Service (FSB) website reports that a former bodyguard of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Eugene Zinichev, has become the new deputy head of the FSB. Last month, Zinichev resigned as acting governor of the Kaliningrad region and was appointed as deputy head of the FSB in October.

    Zinichev was a member of Vladimir Putin’s private security team several years ago. The Federal Security Service stated that he has been in the security forces since June 1987. The current FSB was …

  • Media: FSB officer has been captured by the so-called Islamic State

    The so-called Islamic State stated that they captured a Russian FSB officer, as reported by the Dozhd TV. The source of the information was credited to Furat Media, a media outlet controlled by the extremist group.

    The terrorists published a video message from a man who calls himself a Russian citizen, Captain Yevgeny Petrenko. He stated that he worked as a non-staff officer of the second operational staff of the FSB in Moscow.

    In the video, the hostage addressed President Vladimir Putin and …

  • Russian FSB detains manager of company building power bridge to Crimea

    The Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) has detained the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System (FGC UES), Valery Goncharov, as reported by the Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta.

    According to the edition, the top manager is suspected of serious fraud in the construction of the power bridge to the Crimea. He was detained at a Moscow airport while trying to fly abroad. His place of work and a number of home addresses have …