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  • Estonia asks Berlin for permission to send German made howitzers to Ukraine

    Estonia has asked Germany to approve the transfer to Ukraine of 122-mm howitzers produced in the German Democratic Republic, reports Deutsche Welle, citing the press secretary of the German Defense Ministry.

    According to her, the request is being studied and is "under departmental review". The process must be coordinated with Finland, because it was to this country that howitzers were initially sold in the 1990s.

    In 2021, Estonian Ministry of Defense decided to provide weapons and ammunition …

  • Estonia prepared to host 5,000 NATO soldiers

    The Estonian Defense Ministry said it was ready to host 5,000 soldiers of NATO Rapid Response Force. If necessary, the Ministry is ready to build new barracks for the permanent deployment of the military to strengthen the eastern flank of the Alliance, said the Permanent Secretary of the Estonian Defense Ministry Kusti Salm, reports the news agency ERR.

    "We clearly see that as part of the deterrence policy, the Baltic region should be strengthened. There are clear plans on how to do this if …

  • Lukashenko gives EU an ultimatum to resolve migrant crisis

    Self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has put forward a list of demands that he wants the EU to implement in order to resolve the migrant crisis on Belarus-Poland border, said the Foreign Minister of Estonia Eva-Maria Liimets in an interview with ETV.

    "He wants the sanctions to be stopped, [and] to be recognized as head of state so he can continue," Liimeths said, explaining that Lukashenko voiced these conditions during a phone conversation with acting German Chancellor …

  • Russia expels seven Slovak, Lithuanian and Estonian diplomats

    Russia expels a total of seven diplomats from Slovakia and the Baltic States. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that three employees of the Slovak Embassy in Moscow, two employees of the Lithuanian Embassy and one each from the embassies of Latvia and Estonia were declared persona non grata.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassadors of these countries. They were given "letters of protest in connection with provocative, unreasonable decisions" to expel employees of Russian …

  • Russia expels Estonian diplomat in tit-for-tat

    Estonian authorities expelled a Russian diplomat from the country, announced at a briefing the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

    "The newly sworn-in Government of Estonia may have decided to show loyalty to Washington and Brussels in this way. The Russian Embassy diplomat in Tallinn was announced persona non grata without any justification. He was responsible for culture, education, that is, just those areas where cooperation still remains," she said.

    "The Russian …

  • Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania declare Lukashenko persona non grata

    Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs has added Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and 29 other high-ranking officials of Belarus to the list of people who are banned from entering the country. The foreign ministries of Estonia and Lithuania made the same decisions.

    The statement published on the website of the Latvian Foreign Ministry named the reasons for the sanctions and listed the names of the Belarusian officials.

    " Persons on this list are not permitted to travel to Latvia …

  • Estonian Defense Minister calls on military to be ready to counter threat from Russia

    In an address to new recruits, Estonian Defense Minister Juri Luik urged soldiers to learn how to counter the Russian threat and closely monitor the Kremlin's actions in the post-Soviet space.

    "Every trained Estonian soldier is another soldier with whom our enemy should reckon with," the Estonian Defense Minister said.

    Luik recalled that, over six years, 13,000 Ukrainians have become victims of Russian aggression. Russia captured the territories of several states: "We do not need to look far …

  • Estonia to conduct largest arms purchase in its history

    Estonia is preparing to carry out the largest purchase of military equipment in its history. According to Delfi, Estonia intends to purchase Patria 6x6 armored personnel carriers.

    According to the Estonian Center for Defense Investment, more than 100 new vehicles will be purchased in the next 10 years, and perhaps more than 300 in two decades.

    Over the past 15 years, 100 Patria Pasi XA-180 and the XA-188 armored personnel vehicles have been in use with the Estonian Army. They will reach the …

  • Estonia gives 2,000 Makarov pistols to Ukrainian Armed Forces

    Estonia gave 2,400 Makarov pistols, which were previously in service with the Estonian army, to Ukrainian servicemen, reported the Estonian Defense Ministry.

    The press service of the Estonian Defense Ministry noted that the batch of pistols was given to the Ukrainain Army in order to support Ukraine's defense capability.

    Estonian Defense Minister Jüri Luik called “the Russian aggression, which continues in Crimea and the Donbas, unacceptable”. "With this shipment we are supporting our close …

  • Estonia accuses Russian ambassador of violating social distancing rules

    Estonian police officers carefully examined photos taken by the media on April 30, when a delegation of the Russian Embassy opened a renovated monument "Bronze Soldier" at the Military Cemetery in Tallinn, writes.

    After examining these photographs, Estonian police concluded that the Russian embassy officials " violated the social distancing rules established by the Estonian authorities during the state of emergency".

    Police officials of Põhja Prefecture drew attention that "the …